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Author Topic: A few reviews (Glasgow) from a new poster  (Read 1077 times)

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Hello Punters
Long time lurker, first time poster making up for the fact that UK punting has made a massive
difference to my success rate with punts over the last year. I'm a fairly low risk punter, only go for WGs with plenty good reviews and not a particularly frequent flyer, monthly probably on average.

I've included some reviews of some currently advertising girls in Glasgow I have met. Most
are thoroughly reviewed already, but I've tried to add something by doing some comparisons. 

In no particular order:

Hornyhottie https://www.adultwork.com/2909235
Late 2015
Another career WG, highly professional and very easy to get along with, friendly and at ease
with herself. Photos are exactly as I remember. Unusually nice venue, modern flat, its not a
deal breaker for me but a good venue does help. Ideal for a new punter I'd say as although
not the best in any category, (Eva is hotter, Savannah is dirtier, Hannah is prettier) she
scores high across the board for me.

Highlights: DFK is unparalleled, realised I hadn't really had DFK before this.
Room for improvement: Vanilla service but expertly delivered and she doesn't claim to be much
more than this, no CIM any more which is a shame and the only reason I'd probably reconsider
another visit as its a major one for me. Still, I'll likely be back when in the mood for a
relaxed GFE.

Savannah James
Early 2015
Savannah is an awesome experience if you have the confidence to push your comfort zone, or
are used to dominating a girl. She knows what she is doing, its a lifestyle thing to some
degree I think, so doubt she would suffer numpties. Its a cliché but if you are respectful
and friendly you do get more, like her subsequently letting you use her like a total slut. I
don't think I even got close to her limits.  Tall girl at 5'10, and although only a size
twelve (photos accurate) that makes her quite big overall so don't expect throw around sex.
Not as attractive as Horny Hottie or Eva but not at all unattractive, service makes up for
this twice over.

Highlights: Full on, I mean really full on, throat fucking slapping and spanking.
Room for improvement: High price but given the service I'm glad I did, only 30mins and more
of a one off for me, especially now no OWO or CIM which I got early on before she changed.

Hannah Darcy
Late 2015
Very attractive face (beats Eva and Horny Hottie I'd say) and some of the best oral I've
ever had. She is a bit larger than the photos but nothing scary, and young enough (late twenties) to carry it fine. Part time and difficult to get hold of I found but worth persevering. Excellent value
I'd say. Good venue but out of the city in the rougher but not roughest northern parts.
Highlights: Deep and skilled oral CIM and swallow, best I've had in Glasgow.
Room for improvement: Nothing to report other than I prefer a slim girl, but i'll be back for the owo anyway.

Naughty&Nice Eva
Mid 2015
Eva is a student type, early to mid twenties, although I suspect she is working a lot more
than studying. To my tastes she is comfortably the best body of any local WG on offer at the
mo, if you like massive fake tits that is. Photos accurate. Service is excellent, lots of
eye contact and effort, also gave a little rimming which is always nice.
Highlights: OMG those tits, flawless skin and lots of passion
Room for improvement: It didn't really feel like GFE, more a performance, but I'll still be
going back. She has that confident and slightly dismissive air that I think is a Spanish
thing, know a Spaniards like this, rather exciting and exotic I suppose but if you want a
really warm GFE i'd go for HornyHottie instead (better venue too). But for sheer 'I can't believe I'm naked with a girl like this' sensation, Eva is top notch.

Petite Kate
Mid 2015
Kate is tiny, photos are real, I love a tiny girl you can lift and throw about, great body
as photos but as others have said she isn't as pretty as the other WGs I've listed, I
wouldn't say it was to the degree that others have claimed. Efficient and professional
service, good English but I'd say she isn't a good choice for a really chatty GFE. Excellent
value though at £60 HH. I'll prob be back and she is a really solid plan B for me, would be A list if CIM.
Highlights: Her ability to arch right back over and DFK in crouched doggy, effectively
upsidedown, that was new to me!  Hard tiny body.
Room for improvement: None really other than of course CIM would be great, but its a good
value offer as is. 

Sophie Thomas
I visited sohpie early on in my punting career. I didn't know what I wanted and she showed
me a few things, I wasted the opportunity. She has a very hot body and I expect provides a
service way beyond what I fumbled my way through. I may well go back but its a personal
taste thing, she is a bit older than me (i'm mid thirties) and I prefer younger girls. If a
confident milf type floats your boat I'd highly recommend.

Late 2014
Same goes for Gabriella as for Sophie, another excellent service from am attractive slim and
confident provider, good venues etc just didn't meet the return visit grade based on my
personal taste. I believe they do duos which I imagine would be great if the milf thing does
it for you. I'd say Gabriella just beats Sophie on looks, but Sophie’s fit body would sway
me if I were to choose.

Lucy May
I was slightly disappointed with Lucy May which I think might be heretical on here given her
great reviews. Its not a negative, and I paid £90 HH for some stupid reason, now down to £70
which makes her a much better offer. Service was fine although she struggled to deep throat me
without some tooth issues. I think it was the rather forced glam look that put me off a bit,
and she isn't toned at all, I realise this makes her ideal to others though. Her profile is
accurate so if it suits your taste there is no reason not to, but I prefer most of the

Canadian Wendy

A regular tourer to Glasgow, I saw her a few times in my early days 2012-14 after a number
of bad punts I decided that paying the premium price was worth it. Firstly she is Italian,
great English though. Mid thirties, very hot body as pictures but some are rather old, and
its been over 2 years since I saw her at least, so I say that advisedly. I did have some
really good punts with her, and I imagine she would be good a dom, not my thing, but she has
that cool confidence. That may also be off-putting to some, friendly girl next door isn't her
style. I did click with her, I doubt I'll go back as there are better value local girls, and
I know better what I want and how to find it thanks to UKpunting, but I have good memories.

Sexy Tiffany
Some time ago now, but a good punt and exactly as advertised, sweet girl next door type. The
lack of OWO means I won't be back, otherwise I would have been. Its too long ago for me to
provide an objective review so I'll leave at that.

As with all reviews these come with an advisory note, my experience will have been based on what I asked for and how well, everyone has off days and I've had some punts where it hasn't worked because of me, so I've tried to be objective as possible . Almost all my bad/mediocre ones are no longer working. The worst was the infamous French girl early on, horrified by age claim difference.

For reference my top punts (across Scotland) in years gone by who are no longer working - Deviant Ivy (for her Disney princess looks and unparalleled submissive service), Darcy Rose (that body!), Jelly Tot (feisty!) in that order. Don' think there are any current crop that can match them.

Next on my Hot list is sexy Victoria https://www.adultwork.com/2660413 although I would happily revisit some of those above. Also tentatively up for TOFTing if the old hands can suggest any new profiles yet to be verified.
When I get time I'll do one of these for Edinburgh too, had a few there.

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Offline Roger De Her


Thanks for these useful and interesting reviews

Am pretty new to this site myself, and still picking things up, BUT personally, I think these would prob be easier to find when researching if they'd been posted individually in the Reviews section.


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Offline mavgoose

Fantastic reviews. Of the girls I've seen , I mostly agree.

Still not seen Eva. Just some other 50/50 reviews are putting me off. No other reason as she looks v v hot.

Good stuff, all useful, now get them posted individually in the reviews section!  :thumbsup:

Smashing informative well written post

Yes. An excellent, well written post.
It goes to show that Glasgow is well served by good quality, professional WGs who, unlike some of the skanky, trafficked Romanians, actually deserve our business!
Although I normally conduct my nefarious activities in Edinburgh, I'll be through in Glesga this week on 'business'... Oh, yes!

Offline morph

Thanks all, wasn't sure about posting a single review as a first post as it may not have seemed legit. Most of these were some time ago too but I'll be sure to do a proper review on any revisit.
Any site use / girls to visit advice gratefully received!

Offline DG

I've seen 4 of the girls mentioned, all for the first time within the last 2 months. I recognise a lot of what the OP has said but as we all look for different things and probably have different experiences with the same girls, I'm happy to say all 4 are very much at the top of my list and in fact I have seen or will see all of them again this month and will continue to do so. And yes, the Sophie and Gabriella duo is an amazing experience.  :hi:
Banning reason: White-knight

Thanks all, wasn't sure about posting a single review as a first post as it may not have seemed legit. Most of these were some time ago too but I'll be sure to do a proper review on any revisit.
Any site use / girls to visit advice gratefully received!

I would love to give you some Geordie advice but I might get hung drawn and quartered for it....take a look at my reviews and "maisie" you will see someone you like :thumbsup: ;)

Offline seeker

Is she in town Taz   :sarcastic: :sarcastic:
If not when  :hi:

Is she in town Taz   :sarcastic: :sarcastic:
If not when  :hi:

Can't say ..I'm sworn to secrecy  :timeout:

Haha superb taz you must be due a free duo wae the two geordie chicks or at least there maw or auntie sandra joining in😅😅

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