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Author Topic: Lucia sweet beauty  (Read 1067 times)

Anyone seen and recommend?


I am down in London next weekend and she has been on my list

Looks legit to me! Do let us know after your meeting

Online The_Don

Anyone seen and recommend?


I am down in London next weekend and she has been on my list

This may help (when searching):


See details posted by Jason (below)

Name: Lucia Sweet Beauty
Profile: https://www.adultwork.com/2903228
Phone: 07729199361
Price structure: £140ph
Time spent: <1 minute (walked)
Reason for walking: Misleading pictures and at least 10 years older than stated age (37 Vs 27)

About the escort’s physical appearance:
The picture below (the verification one) is 100% accurate about “Lucia” (Sasha/Lexya/Leana, etc),

Thanks. I called for tomorrow, got a time agreed only to be told later it wasn't convenient. Bad comms and those photos say everything.

Not for me

Offline bungry

I saw this girl about 2.5 years ago when she was in Edgware Road in those pink mansions by the station.  Did not know about AW then so  I booked her through an agency at £150 per hour for a lunch time meet.  Photos really got me horny and that was my 2nd ever punt when I did FS WGs so might have been a bit gullible.

Anyway arrive at her place and she opened the door.  The first thing I noticed was her amazing nipples popping out through her dress!  She looked 'OK' facially but too much botox (or whatever) in her lips and it looked like she had a face lift.  She told me to have a shower and gave me a towel that had seen better days.  Had a shower and came back into room.  She stripped.  OK tits with nice nipples, body OK but too many baby C section scars.  I asked her what those were for and she said for my baby.  OK.... Anyway laid on bed and straight away the condom came out without even a handjob or even looking at my dick.  OWO was specified but she did not do it.  I tried to suck her tits or even feel her tits but she would always move my hand out of the way.  It was like a boxing match.  Ask her for a kiss and she gave me one but did not like the feel of her lips so I stopped that.  Gave her a missionary shag and came within 10 minutes (I think I got myself too horny before the meet by the photos on the web).  And then she just lay there with no conversation.  20 minutes in now and it was so awkward that I decided to leave (she made it awkward). 

2 hours after I get a text from her saying that she would like to meet again and to contact her direct.  This repeated over the next few days like mad.  She probably thought she could make easy money from me.  At first I responded but then I got bored and did not reply.

Would I have visited again no.  I was so pissed off after meeting her that I went and booked another near Earls Court which was much better.

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