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Author Topic: Karma - early 20s girl from Glasgow  (Read 688 times)

Just wondering if anyone ever met the girl from
Aw called Karma? She was a tall early 20s girl had a kid previously so a bit of loose skin on the tummy etc. But cracking ride! Had come to see me late one night. Had a driver who insisted on waiting outside with his engine running though! I was not happy about that as my neighbours would have clocked this as its a quiet place.. Anyway would love to catch up with her again as she was a major squirted and managed 4 almost 5 pops with her as she went by her own time and not the drivers. Hour for £80 I think, so I was chuffed!!

She doesn't seem to be on aw anymore or in my messages now though

anyone know of her or if she is still working? I knew these girls change their names allot..

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