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Author Topic: Irene Tailor - Ipswich  (Read 631 times)

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So lets say right away - this was my own fault ! I have been making bookings with WG's for long enough now to know better than to end up wasting my money like this. Unfortunately it was Christmas Eve and i was horny and i really wanted to empty my balls. In those circumstances all logic and caution went out the window and i went against my every instinct and made this booking.

If you look at the profile on AW you will see that this girl sounds great. The pictures are reasonable and the services sound good. The cost also sounds very reasonable. She is honest about not being English and so you go in with your eyes open !

However it was really not great at all !

I phoned to find out availability as it was a last minute spur of the moment thing, and she said she was free. She gave me the road and i gave her an expected start time. I found the place fairly well, pretty busy but run down part of ipswich. However as i was trying to find somewhere to park she rung me three times to "check i was still coming"

Irene herself did not look like the pictures (shock horror) hair colour totally different, but facially also totally different. The build was probably about the same. She was quite pretty though but her boobs were enormous and quite saggy.  By this time i was in the room so i figured i would carry on - like i say i was in the grip of horny madness.

The room itself was a joy. A single bed - with a mattress and a sheet on it - no pillow no duvet - nothing. A single mirror with a big crack propped up against the wall. My favourite part was that the whole room had been decorated by pinning wrapping paper up as wall paper. Only it was random designs so each wall had a mismatch of santa, robins, nativity scenes and christmas trees - a slightly phsycadelic effect.

Having handed over my £100, Irene quickly stripped and told me to sit on the bed. She then fished my cock out of my trousers and began to put a condom on me. When i queried about OWO she said this was an extra £20.
At this point i really should have known better - but i paid the £20 extra. How dumb was i !!!!

There then followed (predictably) some very perfunctory OWO - with too much use of teeth for my liking and a very tight grip on the base of my shaft.

By this time i had decided i need to get this over and done with as quickly as possible, so i suggested we fuck. I went for doggy style as this is usually the way i cum quickest and also it involved the least amount of contact !

At this point she simply turned around and offered up her pussy for fucking. No mention of condom. When i queried - it transpired my extra £20 had unwittingly bought me bareback as well as OWO. Needless to say i was not interested in bareback and confused her dreadfully by insisting on a condom.

Experienced punters will probably guess that i then fucked her as hard and quickly as i could and managed to cum in a couple of minutes flat. I felt kind of bad about it, but frankly as soon as i came i had my clothes back on and was out the door as quickly as i could.

I wish i could say i have learnt my lesson from this. I wish i could guarantee that in the future when i get suddenly horny i will not waste my time and money on this sort of last minute punt. But sadly after 45 years - i think i know faults better than that !

Hopefully though this review can serve as a warning to others......

2 review(s) found for IRENE TAILOR GFE linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Unlucky mate, she was on my HL for a backup one day but she's now been taken off. Thanks for the review  :hi:

Offline 3002steve

cheers for the review , was on my maybe list
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Offline Dude2k13

So completely not the girl in the picture then?
The only thing putting me off was that she does bareback, I figured it could of been ticked by mistake but clearly not then.

Offline davidac

Off my HL now, thanks for the warning.

Offline Nostem

Usually just read threads for advice as to a good punt.

Very similar experience, in my eyes completely different girl, couple of stone heavier and no tattoos. Wasn't impressed, definitely a negative from me.

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