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Author Topic: Juice4Janey  (Read 775 times)


Do you guys think this girl is legit? I don't trust girls with 0 feedback. I did email her and get her number but i haven't called. I'm too scepticle. I can't really afford to take one for the team as it were so..  :unknown:

Offline Joe Blob

Member for less than a week, and doesn't display her number. I'd be more suspicious if she DID have feedback.

She's sent you her number, give her a ring and see what you think. It doesn't commit you to booking.

cheers guys, my gut is telling me forget it so i think i will. no one that fit would sell herself for 40 quid me thinks. anyway, i've got a decent punt lined up for next friday so i look forward to that.  :hi:

Offline Jim009

I saw her profile couple days a go with number.


FAKE, stolen photos?

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Offline k

FAKE, stolen photos?

The image on AW is 333 x 333.  The ones found by google are all 48 x 48 which means the AW one is not stolen.

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