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Author Topic: Coal is and dental work  (Read 251 times)

I have to visit the dentist on Monday and have taken some time off work for the appointment. This has freed up some time before that could be taken up with a quick punting opportunity of drilling and filling a hot milf, you know how it is when that happens  :thumbsup:
But before a punt I take cialis or spedra as an insurance.
I am be getting filled and drilled at the dentist and having the numbing
injection in the mouth.... anyone know if there are any medical issues
in taking cialis  is etc and then having the numbing drug a few hours later? Cheers

Apologies for header mis spell of Cialis and Dental work....proxy kindle auto spell   :dash:

I have heard of a punting phone, but you're the first with a punting kindle  :lol:

Pics on AW come out better on the Kindle mate ! ;)

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