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Author Topic: LeedsGirly. ANy info?  (Read 706 times)

Offline binbag

Hello. Has anybody seen this lady? I've done a search but can't find any reviews. Thanks.

Offline binbag

Thanks for adding the link. And apologies from my end for not including it. I copied it from the AW site but forgot to paste it - old age creeping in?

Hi binbag may be able to help a bit. Saw this lady a few weeks ago.
Pleasant personality and nice body. However not very proactive, just laid there had to do most of running. Will depend what you are looking for as her list of likes is varied.I was disappointed as she would not do owo despite being listed and I then lost some interest. Otherwise ok I suppose but will not be rushing back. But if you don't try you don't know, we live and learn !! Cheers

Offline binbag

Thanks, Birdyman. Sounds like I should pass. I'd be looking for someone for OWO and for someone to take control.

Offline J.W.Pepper

Yes, i have seen her, bloody gorgeous, a yummy mummy, just seen Sarah the one time, the problem for me is that she has a short availability window for when you can see her. (in call) Yes, i do agree no blow job, not even with condom, but i found her very responsive when i went down on her, yes, very, very, flexible. The sex was brilliant, not much kissing, but left her mark, more than once, hey i'm single, Guys, if you get my drift.  ;)
Has kids and looks like that, "WOW".
I would see her today or even tomorrow, or next week, it's just the timing.

Be Safe Guys.
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