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Author Topic: Megan Bangs  (Read 929 times)

Offline HappyCappy

 https://www.adultwork.com/3230555 or https://www.adultwork.com/MEGANBANGS

Anyone seen this chick? Comms so far have been crap but she looks interesting.

I saw elsewhere she's been on before with other profiles? Is she a known quantity?
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Offline mavgoose

She had a full face picture on her profile yesterday. Looks hot.
Does change her profile. A lot.
I see she's looking for another flat or location. Hope she moves nearer to Glasgow. !!

I think she's a safe bet.

Offline dougal

Isn't that the girl from Hamilton whos had a few different profiles?

Saw her a couple of years ago in a flat in bothwell  covered in tattoos and piercings cracking body huge fake tits .Very average expensive in oot service wouldn't and haven't returned
P's she had pet rats that escaped from there cage spent half that booking searching for the fuckers  🐀🐀

Offline derekmc

Hi, yes she has had loads of different profiles, I recognise a couple of the 2 girl pictures she has in her gallery as she has used those pics before. I saw her a couple of years ago, service was very average and I didn't return.

She used to work for Glasgow City Escorts, she has a lot of tattoos including large one that more or less covers her whole chest. She also had a flat in the Southside that she and another ex Glasgow City Escort worked from for a while. In her most recent profiles etc she has been working more from the Hamilton area.

I cant remember her previous working name at the agency but its definitely the same girl.   

Offline RandyF

Is that not the half daft slapper that drank a litre bottle of diesel, after making love to Chico?


Sure it is.
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Offline HappyCappy

Banning reason: Previously banned (Heyhoeletsgo) + Trolling on UKE (DavieBhoy)

Offline The boy

The face picture she is using one is of Megan fox and the other one is defo not her ave saw her a few times good ride and service was good too but just lies there and takes it last time but it's the pornstar look which I keep goin back for

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