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    Author Topic: Anyone know what happened to Kat?  (Read 1129 times)

    Offline Helen

    Anyone know what happened to Kat who used to work out of Bell street?

    Was she early 20s, blonde with a slight stutter?

    Offline Helen

    Mid 20s dark hair with lovely pair of b cups. From Edinburgh originally. Moved to a house just outside bishopbriggs for a while.

    Used to do some Dom stuff although that was never for me.

    Offline Helen

    No definitely didn't have a stutter.

    Quite well spoken actually.

    Surprising the number of posts lately seeking former prossies from many years back.
    Helen ? I do recall a Kat small petite brunette who had few AW profiles 1 offering domination services and foot worship she had awesome tiny feet and array of high stilleto shoes. Other profile varied from Massage with extras to full services at certain times.
    She did not have a stutter and was politely spoken in soft voice that could be very sensual and horny when she got into things.
    Saw her several times in a city centre flat before she operated from mid terrace house just off the main road going out to Bishopbriggs.
    Always pleasant but varied sometimes you could fuck and suck her all over and other times just wanted to blow you and use a toy if you allowed her.  Told me she was seeking a sugardaddy type to treat her well and after about half dozen visits lost interest as her prices had risen.
    Suspect long gone now that was back in 2010

    Offline Helen

    Hi Valdishere - Aye that's her. Cracking wee lass. Came across quite proper until you got to know her. The domination thing was never my thing. I think she was from Edinburgh originally and wondered if she went back to there.

    She had a lovely tight pussy when I finally got round to it!

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