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Author Topic: Anyone seen Erika -sex  (Read 874 times)

Offline Kornam68


Anyone seen her for a 30 or 1hr booking. I like the look of her but being put off by lack of reviews and comments?

Offline Roger De Her




This little gal Totally Blew Me Away, and I'm not the only one!!  Id go back in a shot!!!!!
DO NOT MISS HER is my advice!!!!!


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Offline al99

I saw her for 30 minutes last summer, one of my first punts. Gorgeous and very petite. Oral with but very good, she climbed on top reverse cowgirl, tight and great view... didn't last long. Massage for last 5 minutes. I'm pretty sure that's how she wanted the punt to go. I didn't mind as very enjoyable.

5 minutes into punt front door opened and someone stomped down hall, never heard another sound.

She seemed intelligent and was pleasant to talk to, good english. Might go back one day as she was memorable.

Offline Kornam68

Thanks I assume cum twice in 30mins is a nice then

Offline Courtney

Oh.....so she has started doing OWO now lol.....hmm.....things are looking up.  :dancegirl:
CIM...a little further step?....who knows. :unknown: :rose:

DFK...a little further step again? :yahoo: :dance:   

Offline Roger De Her

? Cum twice in 30 min...  I don't find thats allowed usually ( even if I could manage it ),  - I'd certainly be waiting for the surcharge quote!

OWO,  yeah Erikka did for me @£10 Xtra. She lists as "at discretion" (.... But then us Edinburgh residents are such nice chappies,  I'm surprised she wanted the extra £10). 

...step at a time..eh?
Banning reason: Complaining about thread warning punters about criminal prossie

Offline Santiago

Seen Erika last summer...

Tiny wee thing and appeared really shy...

Really tight body and an ass to die for, usual tricks to get you to come twice and then if you ask for a second pop...no...you need to stay for longer and pay for an hour.
Same story I had with other Romanian girls who were using the same flat at the bottom of Leith Walk

Offline Kornam68

Ok thanks. Not sure I could pop twice in 30min anyway!!  :D

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