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Author Topic: Busty Natalia - 1 hr incall in Shoreditch - not bad value at all  (Read 990 times)

18 review(s) for HERMINA VIP 1 X (11 positive, 3 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Quesadilla

Who? Busty Natalia
https://www.adultwork.com/2907613 or https://www.adultwork.com/Busty%5FNatalia

What? 1hr incall
When? Jan 2016
Where? Shoreditch, London.  Residential Small flat on a quiet back street.  I drove and parking was frankly a bit of a pain - took me about 10 mins of trying all the neighbouring streets to find a pay and display bay free.  Fortunately was after the cutoff time so didn't cost me anything. 
Flat itself was almost opposite a pub so may be observed loitering while waiting for her to let you in.
How much? £100
Why? I like cute curvy Polish blondes and her reviews here stacked up for me. Cheers all.  :hi:

About the girl
    Cute girl next door rather than stunning. She states in her profile she has puppy fat in the right places, I totally agree. I'd say she looks just slightly bigger than her public profile pics, but not fat - has a little bit of a belly but otherwise the curves are all in the right places for me and all very firm. She states 20, may well be a year or two older but definitely no more.
I had her dress up in the schoolgirl outfit as per her gallery and it fit her fine.
         Services   DFK, OWO, 69, covered sex in a range of positions, tit wank, CIM
         Attitude    She's a nice girl - pragmatic / practical and gets the job done rather than someone who will make you feel she's really your girlfriend.  She's been in the UK many years so her English is pretty good, she's got a dry sense of humour and is reasonably confident, happy to let you take the lead and tell her what to do. 
         Comms   Knew I was going to be in town the day before so checked my AW HL for someone local - she was my first choice, dropped a msg on AW to check availability, arranged a time - all very straightforward. Only hiccup was when I arrived, I txt'd to say I was outside, no reply, waited around for a while and got increasingly anxious that she wasn't there. It felt like ages but looking at the txt's it was literally 4 mins. 
         Visit again? Yes if I was in the neighbourhood
         Recommend? Yes well worth a punt if she's your type physically.

Positives - Fantastic big natural tits - ideal for tit wank.
Rubenesque figure with nice big bubble butt and narrow waist.
Does what she's asked.

Neutral - May be too big for some - slightly bigger than her pics suggest.
Has a chipped front tooth which is slightly discoloured. If you are bothered by such imperfections it might be an issue for you. I didn't really notice.
Kept waiting outside and visible from a nearby pub - might be an issue but for me wasn't long enough to really worry me.
Applied lots of lube during sex. Doesn't bother me but some may not like that.

Negatives - Almost forgot - her heating was on way too high and I got quite warm - she did have a fan which helped a bit but it was just blowing hot air.

The Dull Bit
Liked her profile pics - especially her in the school uniform, subscribed to her PG which has lots of clear face pics and thought she looked quite pretty and just my type with the blonde hair / blue eyes.
In reality she has put on a few lbs, but still claims to be a size 8 which may be true as is vertically challenged and still very curvy - not just fat. For me the puppy fat worked very well to be honest, I like a more rubenesque lady and she fit the bill perfectly.

We had a very brief little schoolgirl role play but as it was only an hour booking I didn't take it very far - had her sit on my knee for some kissing.  As others have said her DFK is quite good but not the best.

Then bent her over my knee for a spanking - she played along gamely enough. She has a real bubble butt, very firm and spankable.

Down to business - stripped her off bit by bit and she has a great rack - actually to me looked even better than her gallery pics very firm and squeezeable.  Moved on to RO, shaved but slightly stubbly in places not enough to bother me. Switched to 69 and sampled her oral technique - OWO was very good, no complaints, and she seemed to be genuinely enjoying it ending up fucking my face with her pussy.

Switched to covered penetration - cowgirl which was nice, more kissing, and again she seemed to quite enjoy it when I took control and gave her a bit of a pounding. Switched to doggy, again loved that butt, and she was happy to take a good pounding. 

Switched to a tit wank to finish up, and definitely a highlight for me - great boobs, finished CIM and she took it all like a trooper and swallowed without prompting.

All in all a very satisfying hour at a decent price. 

That said, I have other regs who offer more for the same, and she is out of my usual punting range so she would not be someone I'd see regularly - however, if I was in the neighbourhood and horny I'd have no hesitation booking her again.

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18 review(s) found for HERMINA VIP 1 X linked to in above post (11 positive, 3 neutral, 4 negative)

Another great review Queasadilla and thanks for posting. She would not normally have been on my radar as she is completely out of my usual area but I do find myself in the smoke from time to time so I have hot listed her. It's always good to have a few options and she ticks a lot of boxes for me. Don't mind a curvier girl either and there is a lot about her that appeals to me so thanks for the heads up  :thumbsup:

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