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Author Topic: Honey Pie  (Read 846 times)

Offline Merlin73

Curvy , Not Half.

Fuck me the second pic looks like two pirates with no faces, have a look and see what i mean.....

I have not seen her but wouldn't mind

Offline Merlin73

Using the search facility she does come up in a thread and some comments are made you might want to check it out.

My only concern would be the lack off feedback but she may have changed her profile recently.

You could always TOFFT or then again so could I.

Offline Merlin73

Do you think those bad boys are real??

Offline smithie1000

Do you think those bad boys are real??
No way, looks like there connected to a compressor.............. :rolleyes:
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Offline DDDave

I believe she took a couple of months off for breast reduction surgery, which is a shame. No fingers, no RO but nice and chatty.

Offline mpete647

She has had a few different accounts on AW and vivastreet
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I've seen honey pie numerous times, also her friend syriee. Honey is such a nice girl and does seem to warm to you after time. I must admit them boobs were fabulous!! Always great comms and always willing to listen to requests!! Al in all one of my faves, just not as good as vic xoxo!!

Cool! what do you mean warm to you after a time? Is she pretty whos hotter? her or syriee?

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