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Author Topic: Ticha Thai Massage  (Read 1299 times)

5 review(s) for Ticha Thai Massage (2 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I saw this girl just before Xmas after reading a few positive things about her on here but it was my worst punting experience so far. Im guessing people like her because
A.Telford is a bit out in the sticks and there isnt much competition
B. Most of her clients are massage seekers so sex and OW is a nice big surprise for them.

I read in previous reports that finding her flat was a huge nightmare and I thought to myself how hard can it be to find a flat? How wrong i was!
It was a bigger nightmare than i ever imagined. I got to her street easy enough but randomly none of the flats seem to be in order (flat 68 is next to flat 45 sort of thing) and also alot of the apartments seem to have no numbers at all. Ring her for directions but her english really lets her down over the phone and she cant understand most of what im saying.

Anyway I eventually arrive:
Girl: Pretty face without being stunning i  would say 7/10. Very bit tits but her body isnt a curvy as the photos suggest , like alot of thais its slim and a bit boyish. She is no way 25 and looks more like early 30s.

Straight away she tells me we need to be quiet because of the neighbours and is literally whispering to me and quite often shushing me. Weird? I can hear somebody in a different room and suspect she has a boyfriend next door and he isnt happy. Anyway small talk and a massage which was decent and she used her nails to good affect. Turn over for OW and cowgirl sex which was very average and again she kept telling me to be quiet. It wasnt fun! She tells me i have 20 min left what would i like to do. I just left :/

Like i said before if you are into erotic massages then the fact she does sex and ow might be a big thing for you if you are just tipping your toes into the world of punting. But if you have more into regular sex escorts you will find this girl very dull , limited and a rip off,

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5 review(s) found for Ticha Thai Massage linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

5 review(s) found for Ticha Thai Massage linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline shrewsmale

I seen Tischa before Xmas last minute.

Definitely give her a plus for getting me in last minute. To meet her you have to drive to a supermarket near by then she text you further directions which is a bit odd. Getting to the estate itself (new nice) isn't so bad but agree form there it is difficult as her English isn't great. I ended up going well past the property and had to go back not so inconspicuously.

In terms of looks I thought photos were accurate and wouldn't personally put her at 30 plus.

I can confirm that i) she asked for me to be quiet as apparently a baby downstairs and ii) she had someone in next room but was told it was a room mate. I was relatively relaxed about room mate.

In terms of the meet itself, I thought it was ok. I would go back as found her on top of me with those great tits to be a real good site.

I would just factor in that she charges £100 per hour. As a FS guy this is cheaper than what I am used to and therefore I could let the lack of OWO and RO slide. I don't think my visits will be regular though.

Offline Danny86

The bottom line is she's just not very good at being a working girl. It might tick the boxes for those guys who are just happy to put their dick in a girl with big tits, but to anyone with a slightly higher expectation from WGs she's a 5/10, maybe 6/10 at best.

I gave her a neutral, and to be honest it was generous....she's closer to a negative.

She's good looking for Telford, but compared to Birmingham girls the experience itself is pretty shit. Even with the risk of a bait and switch i'll take a punt with one of the Thai girls in Snow Hill over Ticha any day.

They just seem a lot more professional in Brum and the service is chalk and cheese compared to Ticha....that is unless you get a bad one, but most of the Snow Hill Thais are a good punt.

My advice, drive a bit further for a good Thai experience and give Ticha a miss.
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