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Author Topic: Harry punts in Las Vegas  (Read 2255 times)

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anyone here punted in Vegas?

Offline ncarter

Yes sort of, went to a 'swingers club' as it was advertised, was a quiet night and I was only one there (choose to loose my money in a more enjoyable fashion) not sure what it was exactly, but 3 pretty young girls sat on stools outside, chose a nice young blonde one with a fit toned body, went inside had a lap-dance before I was assisted in getting undressed and given a B2B massage and got sucked off (covered). Don't think full sex was on offer, but cannot remember the details as was a few years ago and I was younger and less worldly wise. Can't remember price but wasn't cheap though I do remember I enjoyed the experience, having said that, now my standards and expectations are somewhat higher.

I do know that when walking down the strip you get flyers handed to you (or offered) by people on the strip, but have been told that you avoid these as there is a big gamble as to the quality of the visitor to your hotel and that often you get a going over (not in a nice way) for your troubles.

For us ordinary folk it is important to note (please correct if wrong) that prostitution is actually legal in Nevada except for in Las Vegas where it is illegal, but if you have the right money there are ways around this. To be honest it probably makes more sense to drive out to a 'cat house' (wished I had gone to one so can't comment) instead, as is much safer and as it's legal you have a chance of getting a good punt.

Hope that helps.

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