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Author Topic: Can't see the phone numbers of WGs on AdultWork?!  (Read 380 times)

Offline Alastor22

I can't see the phone numbers of any of the girls working on AW, not on my hot list nor search engine. Even girls that say explicitly that have their numbers shown, I can't see them. Just around three profiles actually showed the number but the rest, nothing :(

Anyone experiencing the same problem? Could be an issue on my side?


Not showing for me either on the main site or the web app. :unknown:

This happens to me sometimes! Very annoying but the numbers usually come back in half an hour, although i have never figured out why it happens.

Offline Alastor22

That's weird... It worked again for a few hours but again, nothing :/

Offline Jay-Jay

I thought the SP's chose whether to display their numbers and then paid for the privilege ?


On my HLs, at the moment it appears that the numbers are only showing if the "Available Today" green text is showing on that profile.

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