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Author Topic: Miss Paris Lamour Imperial Wharf not so special in London...  (Read 892 times)

8 review(s) for Miss Paris Lamour (6 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


Seen this Milf last week stone throw from Imperial Wharf overground Station. I was in the area and done a quick search and adultwork/UKpunting came up with this one... Booking was easy dealing with the maid who speacks good English.Block of modern flats, nice clean room with on suit.

Decided to stay for 1 hour plus CIM so the dammages was £110. WG is the one in the pictures might be slightly older but not much I recon. Nice pair of tits...just a pitty you cant touch them... decent ass on her with nice skin. Face wise not so special. Also have few small tats from what I can remember.

The WG speaks limited English and that did not help at all. She did not alow me touching her tits and pulled away every time I tried to grab hold of them puppies.
Also no touching pussy...let alone rubbing or thinking of fingering. Then went for OWO which was really good...lots of ball licking and sucking with eye contact maintaine through out ending in Cim half of my juices landing on her tits. Gave her a little massage to loosen her up. Start of second round again nice BJ with ball licking sucking and eye contact trough out. On with the Mac and done Mish and doggie which was pretty avarage before second pop...

The encounter in all honesty wasnt that great and could easy have scored a negative if it wasnt for the good BJ...a shame that my 2015 punting ended like this...I was quite suprise with all the positive reviews she has received from the West Midlands boys...Maybe us London boys dont know how blessed we are...or maybe standards up North are very low...

8 review(s) found for Miss Paris Lamour linked to in above post (6 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

I haven't seen her but Just saw her reviews it sounds like she's jaded and her peak was up north and we got it worse down here

yep all true lad, sound very like the meeting i had with her a few months back.. id agree, that her bj is top notch, but alas, thats as good a it get with her.

yep all true lad, sound very like the meeting i had with her a few months back.. id agree, that her bj is top notch, but alas, thats as good a it get with her.

Thanks for your review! I should have paid attention but the Positive reviews from the West Midlands boys got me distracted... :dash:

Offline davidmatthewsII

Thats sad to hear. I used to see her regularly in Birmingham. She had stunning looks and was one of the best punts ive had in over a 10 year career. I can see how it got to it though she just didnt have that WG hardness to stay in the job for the longterm. Always thought she looked stunning and always kissed passionatly, gave great owo and was really enthusiastic every time, even when i was just having a 15 min quickie. I think she retired and she always said she was going to work as a beautician. I'd keep that girl on my personal payroll, even if it was just to look at. :coolgirl:
Banning reason: Crying racism

3 review(s) found for Paris Lamour xxxx linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Yes thats the girl I reviewed at the back end of last year...or ar least the one in the pictures

Offline davidmatthewsII

Oh my word she's still around, thats so good to hear. Shemust have quit Divas and gone solo so had to change her name. Great find bro! Just when I thought my punting days were over...... here I go again :dash:
Banning reason: Crying racism

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