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Author Topic: Anyone seen Penelope?  (Read 319 times)

Offline chris2010

I noticed a profile on Adultwork for a young Brazilian girl living in London:


I wondered if anyone had any experience with her? She doesn't seem to have any feedback as far as I can see unless she works under a different name too.

I've not seen her, however here are some observations as follows:

This AW image from her main page

MATCHES images from the following London Escort Agencies as follows:





It's not unusual for agency escorts to set up AW profiles with rates that are more competitive compared to the
listed London Agencies' rates. I've looked at the number of hits on the AW profile, just over 10,000 views in
over six months. It's a bit on the low side especially if she was completely independent (which the above shows
clearly she doesn't appear to be independent).


Now if you examine this picture from the AW public gallery,


There are NUMEROUS sites where the above is sourced from, ie porn (softcore/hardcore) as follows
which I believe is  Spanish/Latin American with the SAME/MATCHING picture as above:



Proceed with caution regarding this profile, it may be the agency girl as listed above but then someone
could also have skimmed off images from the agency sites in addition to what's clearly skimmed off from the
porno site as mentioned above. Best to avoid but your decision/call. Good luck.

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