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Author Topic: The Unique SJ  (Read 1311 times)

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Offline Highlander



Went to see newly independent Sarah Jane for a half hour incall. Price was £50 as I've seen her a few times previously through Allure.

Com's were half decent, obviously not as easy as agency mainly because SJ doesn't have someone to take her calls now. SJ is popular and is often "engaged" so delays in communication are pretty inevitable.

Venue was ideal, a hotel room on the outskirts of Gateshead. There was masses of parking and very discreet as it was in a separate block to the reception. The room was large but one of the castors on the bed was broken resulting in a see saw effect which kept things interesting.

SJ is a slim tallish brunette, I guesstimate she's a size 10 with sexy feminine curves, namely large round natural breasts and an ample squeezable behind.  She has a pretty face with big brown eyes and silky brunette shoulder length hair. She was very well presented wearing high heels and sexy red underwear which she revealed to me below a cover up. She's in great shape physically despite being more mature than my usual choice of WG.
apart from the physical attraction SJ's attitude is the main thing that keeps me booking her. She's enthusiastic and lively and just a proper naughty woman.

After some kissing whilst standing I lay back on the bed and she gave me oral. I propped my head up on the pillow and enjoyed the sight and sensations. She certainly knows her way around around a gentleman's scrotum pole applying variations in suction, lubrication and alternating between my knob,bollocks and starfish. Obliterating my bum forest a few days earlier with some Veet almost seemed worth the pain as she seemed at home down there and gave an excellent rimjob. But not quite, seriously guys....ouchy.

Time was getting on so I got her to come up for a kiss where I noted she was very careful in avoiding any contact in the uncovered cock pussy axis. Covered up and started with some cowgirl so I could watch her cracking tits dance. Followed up with Missionary with her legs held back, nice and deep until I couldn't hold on, whipped the Mac off and gave her a facial, half in her mouth and half across her face. As she wiped it off with a tissue I told her how good she looked covered in my manly relish and she mentioned she should've taken photos for her profile! In summary a classy looking deliciously filthy woman, highly recommended.

8 review(s) found for The unique S J linked to in above post (6 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Great review highlander  :thumbsup: looking forward to seeing her myself sometime soon

Offline Houdini

Great review. Sounds like she is still doing a great job.

her profile pic alone make me wanna see her  :wacko:

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