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Author Topic: Best & best value private gallery  (Read 183 times)

Online webpunter

Came across Luxury Blonde-Raquel - unfortunately not literally.  Well not yet  https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3122215
PG is 0.6 credits for a month.  She's as fit-as-fuck
Got me thinking which WG's have the best / best value PG's in terms of:
- how they look in the 1st place [not worth even considering paying to see extra pics of some munter / 3rd or 4th reserve]
- no. of pics & range of shots [different / additional to profile & main gallery]
- VFM in terms of price & duration [well on the latter then if you can't figure out how to save for perpetuity you must be a bell-end]
Any others fellow UKP'ers ?

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