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Author Topic: Massage with HR  (Read 1494 times)

Offline andyj8

Hi guys, pretty new to all this stuff. Just looking for a massage with HR around doncaster mansfield or places around them areas.

I've visited Hot Tui Na Massage in Goole a few times with some great experiences and some pretty average ones too.

First time i went i was greeted by a lady who was maybe 30-35, looked nice and was dressed nicely but wasn't showing much skin.
So i was taken into the room with the massage table and asked what i wanted which was an hour for £40 and then asked if i wanted HR, which i politely agreed to for an extra £20.
She left the room and i was told to unchange. I layed face down on the table naked, feeling quite nervous as i had never tried this before. She started off with a nice back massage and lower back leading to my butt. She made a few cheeky sweeps of the balls and cock as she did my upper thighs which got me going a little ;) ! Once she had finished i had turned over with a fairly eroused cock. She slowly teased me and started jacking me off. I started feeling her body and touching her titties which she seemed to quite like. To my suprise she asked me if i wanted to get them out at no extra cost of which i was very happy about ! She had a decent pair not too big though but very big nipples and i gave the a little feel but nothing much, i eventually came and she finished off the last 10 mins with the massage after she cleaned up, all in all this was a good massage and worth the visit.

The second time i went i was greet by a very lovely and small thai lady maybe 35-40. She had made an effort and was wearing a lovely red dress and had some makeup on.
So we got down to business after i had asked for a massage and HR for £60 all in. So i got unchanged and layed face down on the table. She started the massage and almost instantly was rubbing her body/legs against my hands as they were above my head. I took the hint and started fondling with her butt of which she said 'Mmmmm' and very much seemed to enjoy it.
So she pretty quickly skipped the back massage and went straight for my thighs, She didn't fuck about she was stroking up my ass and my balls of which i really enjoyed !
So it came down to the bit where i turn over and it was a great stinking boner in her face. She said 'Oooo you are very big and happy' and i laughed and she started playing with my cock nice and slowly. She was stood right next to me so i could play with her ass and she pulled down her top and wanted me to lick her nipples of which i was very suprised yet again but in a very good way ;). So i licked her nipples and slid my way down to her pussy, i slipped my finger into her knickers and she was loving it, i played with her very moist pussy, yes it was hairy but thats not a problem at all. At this point i was pretty close to shooting my load, we both started moaning and eventually i shot my load all over my body and it was alot of cum !
After she cleaned me up she gave me a kiss and said thankyou as did i to her. It was a great experience and would love to see this girl again !

The third time i went i was expecting much the simular to last time but was sadly mistaken. I was greet by a lady mid 30's i'd say, okay looking and dressed okay. She asked what i wanted i went through all that again.
So the massage began and i thought she rubbed her legs on my hands on purpose and boy was i wrong, she quickly moved away and wasn't interested. I'm not even going to get to the handjob because it was pretty poor and lacked interest. This time i was dissapointed and was my last visit so just looking for somewhere refeshing (:
hope you guys enjoyed and got an insite to there and i would love some feed back on some Oriental massage places, if possible ! Thanks !

Offline happyend


Chinese Massage place in Doncaster - easy to find close to town centre. You should have a good time along the lines of what you describe here - well documented in this thread.

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