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Author Topic: Daytime hotel rooms  (Read 532 times)

Hi can any one help me out I am looking for a hotel room or rent a  room somewhere for one day from around 10am to entertain a wg I really want to meet who only does out calls. Can any one recommend somewhere you can rent just for a day or few hours I looked at getting a room and not staying the night but there check in times are far too late.


Just tell the hotel you are working nights and want an early check-in so you can get some sleep during the day, added benefit they will also put you in the quietest part of the hotel.

 google "day hotel rooms" there's a site comes up, cant do links so cant put it up, but you basically put the date in you require and any day rooms in the area come up, they're mostly near the airport but have a 10.00am check in so ideal, used a few and no dodgy looks when checking in

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