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Author Topic: xxx Jessica xxx  (Read 673 times)

9 review(s) for Luxury pleasure  (7 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Online aj12345

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Meeting took place in Slough for 30mins in the same nice apartment that Amber Starr works out of.

I feel disappointed to have to give her a negative because the services she did provide were great and she's absolutely gorgeous with a good attitude. The problem arises with her refusing to carry out some of the services that's listed on her profile and the fact that she agreed in doing them when the booking was made. She refused cim and rimming and those were the two main reasons I went to see her.

It started off very well with a nice massage and on to fk. She lay on top of me and kissed passionately (no tongue however) and began licking my neck and body all the way down to some amazing owo and ball licking. This was fantastic and she's very good at it. Unfortunately things went down hill for me after this point. When I asked her to rim me, she said no because I didn't have a shower at her place first. I told her that I showered at home (I live a 10mins drive away so was still fresh) and that we had agreed on the phone. She just refused and I lost my hard on. Still, thinking the rest has been good I tried to be a good sport and said ok and let her continue with the amazing blowjob. Just as I was back in the mood, she stopped and asked if I was ready to fuck her. I didn't want sex and asked to finish in her mouth and again, she refused because of the shower situation. At this point it was over for me and I totally lost the mood and she started sucking me again, stopping every few moments to wipe it down with a tissue. Then she gave me the most uncomfortable wank ever until I popped.

While getting dressed she said next time shower at her place and she'll rim me and let me cum in her mouth. She may be telling the truth but I won't be taking that chance.

A real shame as like I said, she's super hot. I guess she'd be worth seeing for someone who just wants to give her a pounding or maybe make sure to have a shower at her place first and agree to services before parting with the cash.

For me, I've been back to that flat to see Amber and won't bother with Jessica again.

9 review(s) found for Luxury pleasure  linked to in above post (7 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Not surprised by this. Her owo made me give her a neutral, otherwise it would have been a negative.
I didn't find her that attractive to be honest...not the way some folks went on about her anyway. A solid 6.5/10.
I promised myself not to see anyone from that group or to punt in slough cos I always end up with a shit punt lol.

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks for this - very informative.

To be honest, a lot of guys say they've just showered and few of them have, so don't particularly blame an escort for asking you to shower at her place for OWO and especially rimming.

However, if you specified that you wanted CIM and rimming on the phone when you booked, she should have made this stipulation clear there and then.

But I don't understand why she still did OWO? You can't clean your sperm while it's still in your body!

More damning for me was the fact she didn't kiss with any tongue - that's not FK then - and the poor HJ.

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Online aj12345

Oh yes you're right, that's just kissing. Not fk at all  :dash: sorry about that.
And that's exactly what I thought when she said no cim when she had been doing owo.
It's a shame because had she asked me to shower before getting started, I would have done so and the booking could have been perfect.

Offline MrMatrix

Strikes me you've been a bit unlucky aj. She has quite a lot of positive feedback from UKP and AW. Definitely caught her on a bad day. I met her in a flat once when I saw Amber Starr (who incidentally swallowed, excellent shag). At the time Jessica was on my HL. When I finished I asked if I could say hello to her and she refused to come out of the lounge. So I deleted her off my HL because of her attitude. Silly girl especially as I'd met the other girls LC and Katrina in time gone bye :wacko:

Online aj12345

Yeah maybe which is why I think anyone who wants to go and give her good pounding, she is probably worth it as the things she did do, were very good.

Amber Starr is much better and she swallowed when I last saw her too :)

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