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Author Topic: The Oriental Massage in Portsmouth?  (Read 8560 times)

Hi all!

From time to time I like to enjoy the odd punt from AW but I also use the Oriental Massage in Havant for convenience.

I know there are a few different Oriental Massage places in Portsmouth and I would imagine they offer similar services at similar rates but only having been to one I have limited view.

Could anyone recommend any others? I heard at one place in Fratton, the girls dress up in maids uniforms?


I've been to Oriental Wellbeing (218 Fratton Road) a few times now.

I've generally come away pleased with the experience, though I'd say the quality of the services is highly variable. It's a different girl every time, and what they'll do and how they do it differs. Can't say I've seen any maid's uniforms.

The first time I went, I was offered a body to body massage, which was an awesome experience - she stripped off, lots of oil, lots of teasing, grinding, and a very capable massage on top of that. She also went to some lengths to ensure the happy ending - I was very impressed.

Contrast with a more recent experience, where the girl gave a fantastic massage and really appalling sexual services. I left with mixed feelings - relaxed from the massage and on edge from being horny and unsatisfied.

Overall, I'd say it's shaken out on average as worth it. It tends to work out cheaper than a typical punt, too - at least in terms of time spent.

Offline Darrenl

I've tried three along that road ( from Fratton up towards Hilsea). I didn't encounter any maids uniforms. Oriental well being best value for me - £50 for an hour with HE.

Offline Edgee123

Oriental wellbeing on Fratton road is the one!
Ask for Sophie and you won't be disappointed! Tell them Ed recommended. Had 1 hour, massage, owo and sex for £60.

Thanks for the reply!

I shall give Oriental wellbeing a go!


Offline Edgee123

Quick update to say Sophie isn't working there at the moment. Hoping she's back soon!

Went there today to check it out.

I thoroughly enjoyed my 30mins, which was more like 45, for which I paid £35 for a massage & HE.

The lady's name was sisi, or something similar. OW was offered at £20, B2B @ £30 & HE for £10 extra.

Definetely worth a visit if you have a spare hour, I'll be visiting again.

Offline Edgee123

How was Sisi physically? An attractive lady?

She was typically Asian looking, without sounding very bad.

Short, cute, large breasts. Super happy and very forthcoming.

I'm thinking of heading here for a birthday treat.

Do's and Dont's? Any tips from experience? I've never been to a massage parlor or paid for a punt before.

Do go for it, dont hesitate!  :dance:

Do let us know what happened!

Offline LookNoHands

I've never tried this. Do the girls always get naked? And are they typically shaved/unshaved?  I like to see a bit of bush :-)
I assume this is a look but don't touch kind of thing right?

Offline Edgee123

Touching has never been a problem. Just ask politely. Each girl is different. Saw Cici today. Wow! What a minx

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