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Author Topic: Keep your socks on?  (Read 1004 times)


Depends if I have been to the chiropodist recently :P

Offline nike

Everything off, including socks for me. If the wg is wearing stockings, sometimes I like her to leave them on.

Offline SUMO61

I read somewhere once that leaving a T-shirt and socks on will give you a better erection. All to do with blood flow to extremities, apparently. I've noticed a few porn guys doing this...

Takes a lot of effort for the heart to keep it in your cock, toes and vital organs.

I may try this sometime. I'm paying, so I couldn't give a shit what Ms WG thinks...

Offline newforthisyear

She can leave her stockings/suspenders on, I don't have any issues with that...
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Offline Marmalade

I've also heard that tramps keep warm by not washing. The dirt produces a layer of insulation. So in the interests of science, I wonder if not washing for a week -- or say a month to be on the safe side and get the full effect -- would actually give you a great, probably even a stinking great, hard-on? Maybe that's how homeless people save on viagra.

Offline Marmalade

Another advantage is that, if her place is a bit of a tip, by keeping your socks on you don't waste valuable punting time trying to find them again.

Offline Sonny Crockett

Problem with wearing socks is that if the lady's place has floorboards, it can be pretty slippy. :scare:
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Offline webpunter

haha I often keep my socks on
I wear calf length socks
Its very unconscious, I don't mean to leave them on, I just don't think of taking them off
Do you take your 'jesus boots' off tho ?  :sarcastic:

Always off. Been to a few Chinese WG's that remove your shoes and socks for you. Once drained, they help you sock and shoe up etc. A nice touch, a few English and EE girls should take note and offer the full GFE, with ironing and dish washing thrown in.

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