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Author Topic: sweet Kate. Plaistow E13  (Read 2934 times)

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Offline helmsdale

Summary : the most likeable and lovable woman I have ever met, all the rest of the review is commentary.



Initially excellent, probably spoke to flat mate and was texted street name and postcode. Arranged by text an appointment. Sent another text announcing when I arrived which was 6 minutes early but I didn’t get any reply until 14 minutes after the start time, by which time I was heading back home as I don’t like hanging about in the street. I was told I should have telephoned not sent a text message. Anyway, I made my way back to the venue and got texted the flat number to buzz.

Easy to find, its an old tower block, 8 minutes walk from the Plaistow tube station.
Use the left hand lift as the right hand lift is a bit of a psycho. It took me up to the correct floor but the doors didn’t open. It then went down to a lower floor where someone had called it to go down to the ground. The lift then opened and shutted on this floor about 10 times before making its way back up to the floor I wanted and then coming down again. I had already bailed out and had called the other lift which took me up to the correct floor without mishap.

Everything in the flat is clean and tidy including the bathroom where I was handed a fresh towel. The spacious bedroom was uncluttered with just the furniture on display which included a chair, a wardrobe and two drawers either side of a comfortable double bed. Room temperature was just right.

The Girl - Looks
Did the hiding behind the door routine. My initial impression that Kate, a Polish woman  was a 6/10 facially and 6/10 bodywise. Her brown hair was back-combed and put in a pony-tail. Also, Kate didn’t wear any make-up, even mascara. As she has an oval face, regular features and a good complexion she has the potential to look quite stunning with make-up and letting her hair down. She is of average height, not petite at all, and has an average build that you would expect of a healthy young woman. Her breasts are more tube shaped rather than circular and are medium sized for her frame. The gallery photos give a good idea of actual breast shape. Otherwise, I would say the photos make Kate to be a lot less attractive looking than she is. Stomach was neither toned or fat. Bum I would say was bigger than average. Undercarriage – fully shaven, protruding lips. Legs are smooth. Feet, didn’t look.
Age could be a bit older 28/29, she has fine crows feet around here eyes. No noticeable tattoos or piercings. Wore two small pearl earrings. I put in a request for her to wear perfume but this was ignored and was completely unscented. Very clean girl as far as I know but I am not a pussy licker
Outfit worn was a waist-length black satin robe and underneath a two-piece pink ensemble.

The Girl – Personality.
Classic girl next door type, cheerful, friendly, easy to get on with, no airs or graces, no princess or ‘because I’m worth it’ syndrome. I was completely won over before she got her kit off but I have no idea what she said or did to put me in that state. I think it is because her personality and mannerisms are a composite of two of my favourite civvy Polish women and then some, so I had the feeling as I chatted to her later on the bed that I was speaking to someone I had known all of my life. Kate introduced the topics of conversation, such as comparing the weather in England to Poland. Her English is reasonable but not fluent and is very accented. Also, she does not understand everything you say to her.

I gave her £60 and she told me that would get me half an hour. Back in the bedroom she gave me the opportunity to take off her clothes but having the same manual dexterity as Mario Balotelli, I declined. After taking off her clothes she asked me what services I would like. I said ‘Kiss and cuddle and normal sex, no oral’. She didn’t seem to understand the word ‘oral’ but came up with the word ‘blowjob’.
I started off by putting my arms around her but she motioned for me to stop that saying my hands were too cold which was true because I had just come in from the cold.

Kate then suggested we start off with a massage. I  agreed at she took out some Johnsons Baby Oil from the draw and gave me a non-professional back massage. It was pleasant enough but it was completely non-sexual. When that was done we moved onto mutual kissing which at Kate’s suggestion moved onto light French kissing. In between the kissing and stroking Kate chatted to me. A condom was put on and I moved onto to giving her breasts some attention. Her nipples did get aroused after sustained nibbling. Without checking to see if she was wet I moved onto sex in the missionary position. Kate continued to kiss me and make fake moans which got louder in line with my heavy breathing culminating in a fake climax as I came, but she wasn’t fully engaged in the sex act as a civvy would be. Her service was non-rushed, there were no clocks to watch, no knocks on the door, no hurrying of me to finish. As I was sweet on Kate, I found the sex most enjoyable but objectively speaking it was not exceptionable.

After disentangling my body, I had a look at my phone and there only 4 minutes to go. So I got dressed and left as quickly as possible as I didn’t want to keep the next punter if there was in the cold.  But I really wanted to have a post-punt chat. Will pay for a full hour next time.
Banning reason: Making race postings after being barred from Off-Topic section for racist comments. Used up all chances.

2 review(s) found for best ANAL 4u linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline vt

the most likeable and lovable woman I have ever met...she wasn’t fully engaged in the sex act...it was not exceptionable.

Cheers for the review...but finding the above statements a bit contradictory.  :unknown:

Offline helmsdale

I don't see any contradiction. I am saying that Kate is a virtuoso human being but not a virtuoso sex provider.
Kate has an aura or presence about her. Just being with her is enough induce feelings of happiness. I am not claiming that she would have the same effect on anyone else. Thats down to individual human chemistry.
In my book, having bad sex with someone you love is better than good sex with someone you don't, so I would still pick Kate over anyone else on AW, not that Kate is a bad sex provider but when you break everything down into components, then I have met women who have excelled at each different aspect of the sex act. For instance, one WG really impressed me by putting the condom on with her mouth. Another with her foreplay was like a sex kitten. Alexya of Ilford who has now retired was absolutely brilliant at kissing. Hot Annays of Peterborough can give you a proper bone crunching massage and she will sit on one of your thighs when does it which makes it a bit sexy. Another WG I have met was exceptional at fake moaning and sighing, easily outdoing Meg Ryan in When Sally Meets Harry. When I said Kate wasn't fully engaged in sex, she was not trying to have an orgasm for herself and she didn't put in the energy that sweetMONIQUE does (I have not met SM, just going by the many reviews of her).

Banning reason: Making race postings after being barred from Off-Topic section for racist comments. Used up all chances.

Offline vt

Offline helmsdale

This profile has now been reallocated to a different Polish girl using a different phone no. in a different area of London, so my review is now extraneous.
Banning reason: Making race postings after being barred from Off-Topic section for racist comments. Used up all chances.

Offline Bilbao

this profile seems to have changed hands a lot ??? now calls herself laura and is aged 30!

does this girl look like the one  seen by the last punter? she looks good to me if it is her....

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