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Author Topic: One more in Paris  (Read 437 times)

Offline HappyCappy

Banning reason: Previously banned (Heyhoeletsgo) + Trolling on UKE (DavieBhoy)

Online pilgrim

Profile been active for 5 years but only 8 feedbacks?

I cant remember her name but she was with the Glasgow Agency and thats her agency pics in her gallery.  I think she was from Edinburgh but worked in Glasgow.  Maybe Jazzman can name her?

Offline Rider

Your wasting your time mate, I tried to contact her a couple of times on different occasions and never got a response. I get the feeling she's no longer active but good luck to you if you manage to get a result

Contacted her a couple of years ago but it went nowhere, I got the impression she's a bit of a flake, not entirely reliable.  I think she must do a spot of hooring every now and again to raise some funds then knocks it on the head for a while.

I believe she used to work in Bottoms Up or some similar titty bar.

Offline HappyCappy

Banning reason: Previously banned (Heyhoeletsgo) + Trolling on UKE (DavieBhoy)

I have seen here 5/6 times in edinburgh in 2013/14 but near impossible to get a hold off, and out of the 20/25 times over 2 years we agreed to meet <<< 5/6 times happened.

Great girl , nice and clean and stunning figure, but very hard to get hold off.

Think theres more chance of going into a random club in glasgow and pulling her there than getting a meeting with her online :)

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