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Author Topic: BondGirl007 - Anya - AdultWork  (Read 2438 times)

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Offline bobdavid

I met Anya late last year and again this year - an absolutely stunning girl, highly recommended:-


All services were provided - and most were offered straightaway with no need to ask ... she's not a clock watcher, she's very educated, slim, sexy, ... just wow.

Feel free to ask if you want any more details...

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline tom269u001

...and only £150 for half an hour - Bargain!

Offline Ali Katt

...and only £150 for half an hour - Bargain!
More than I would be willing to pay in any area. I also will not see anyone advertising as a courtesan, unless there is an exceptional reason.

Offline bobdavid

Agreed, those rates are quite high ... that said, look at the field reports, all of which are relatively recent ... prices paid varied: 1 hour @ £250, 1 hour @ £150 and 2 hours at £250 ... the latter 2 are good prices, I'd say - though, I agree, I'd need to be making a significantly higher salary before I'd be able to afford £250 for an hour.....

In my case, and Anya will probably kill me for saying this, I'd paid £250 for a 3 hour appointment - which is amazing ... but that -was- last year...

Offline softlad

she's very educated,

Wonder why she's selling her hole then ?  :unknown:

Offline bobdavid

"Wonder why she's selling her hole then?"

Intelligence doesn't come into this. Escorts can make a fair bit of money. If girls would pay ME for sex, which they most likely wouldn't, I might be able to double my salary - and I'm on a salary WAY above the UK average. So would that mean that I couldn't be intelligent to be escorting..? No - especially if I was doing both jobs and only seeing 1-2 people per day as an escort ... I'd say that was pretty clever.

Offline softlad

I'd say that was pretty clever.

I'd say most who sell their bodies are pretty desperate, normal women wouldn't consider ever stooping to that.
I don't know if you're single or in a realtionship,
but...what if your partner announced she was going on the game, would you think she's equally clever ?

Offline bobdavid

I'd probably replace your "most" with "some"... at a push, "slightly less than half"... but in Anya's case, if what she told me was true, she falls into the "intelligent but unfortunate" bracket here... she needed a little extra work (as in, if she only got 2 bookings in a month, that would probably be enough to keep her financially ok (since she also had a fulltime job))... and her situation was brought about by her x-partner more than anything that she'd done herself.

Sorry for replying to this post so much - you're all going to think soon that I'm a pimp or something ... I've actually been a punter for around 15 years now, on and off ... so hope that you'll believe me.

Other girls that I've met could easily fall into the "less-than-intelligent" bracket... and I'm not fantastic at spotting these girls early on... I met a girl last year, in London, who seemed fantastic to me at first ... really pretty, funny, we got on well... but 40 minutes into our appointment (a single hour booking) she got a call from someone .. and she just openly asked whether it was ok for her to leave early - because she needed to meet her dealer and if she missed him she'd have to wait till Monday for her marijuana... that was an eye-opener for me ... in 14 years, the only time drugs were ever talked about with a girl was when, in my younger years, a girl who I'd seen regularly for a couple of months offered to stay overnight at a crazy price "because I really like you"... I'd accepted - and then had wished I hadn't ... I found that beyond 2 hours, she couldn't survive without drugs - so she'd brought a stash of marijuana with her and kept me up all night as she smoked it... her size-6 figure suddenly started to make sense...

Offline yumyum3

...and only £150 for half an hour - Bargain!

You forgot to add the  :sarcastic: tom
More money than sense by the sounds of it. There's a few new posters pushing for the norm at £150 and up. I wonder if its because of the general agreement on this forum that rates are coming down and that gorgeous ladies can be found independently and at places like HOD and LMP for much, much less   :rolleyes:

Offline bobdavid

HOD does sound really good - but probably something I'll do when I've got more time in London ... most of my trips there are for just a day or two, often just because i'm travelling down to Gatwick or Heathrow for an early flight ... I find it more relaxing to just get a nice (but usually cheapish) hotel and have a girl visit me ... incalls are something I like to do locally in North UK when I have my car, I'm not stressing to get there and find the place, etc ... and saving outcalls for when I'm away (usually rare - but this year I managed it 4 times already with another trip planned in October sometime...)... outcalls I see as being more of a "treat"...

Offline Jimmyredcab

Intelligence doesn't come into this. Escorts can make a fair bit of money.

Not from me they won't, I will stick to prostitutes and leave the "escorts" to others.  :thumbsdown:

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