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Author Topic: Anyone seen MistressNymph latterly?  (Read 181 times)

Offline Nigel57

Has anyone seen MistressNymph recently? I fancy losing myself in a busty black girl.


She was reviewed a couple of times on here early in 2015 - one was equivocal about her size, saying she had put a lot of weight on since her photos, and the other was so glowing I don't know whether to trust it. She has good reviews on AW.

A few things are bothering me:
- does she do OWO and/or CIM? I think not.
- what sort of premises does she operate from as her profile states either shower before seeing her or bring your own towel - that's the first time I have seen that condition. Does that imply a hotel & she is getting as many men through in the day as she can?
- is it going to be one of those occasions where it turns out there are lots of 'don'ts' to the point of making it a disappointment.

Normally I stick with WG in the 35-50 range, MILFS, anything up to about a dress size 14 so long as they are attractive & fun to be with and see them regularly, as an occasional punter I don't want to waste time seeing numerous different girls to be disappointed in the main, but occasionally I like to ring the changes and see a different type.
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