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Author Topic: Basingstoke xxxx-stacey36-xxxx  (Read 1062 times)

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I've seen Stacy 3 times now I think, each time has been a good experience.

Her profile says she is 40, which seems about right - great body for her age though, tits are still perky and firmish.

Very friendly girl and gives a good gfe - nice kissing before we undress each other.

She likes oral both ways and fucks in a variety of positions - with a good degree of enthusiasm!

She does do CIM/snowballing, but its £10 extra (which she makes clear up front).

She does only seem to work one day a week though (when her phone # is on her profile) - worth waiting for a slot though, especially as English girls so hard to find round here.


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3 review(s) found for xxxx-stacey36-xxxx linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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I saw her a couple of months ago. Have to say she's a really nice and genuine person (I'll explain later!)

Would say age 40+ probably accurate. Looks wise I was a bit disappointed, most probably as I like the mature ones to be a bit voluptuous whereas Stacey was toned and a bit on thin side for my liking.

Service wise she was great and gave best rimming session on me I've ever had. So good that I was all done and popped 15 mins into a half her booking. As I'm not one to use up the rest of my time making small talk we finished there and then, and then a first and unique thing happened - I didn't mention a thing but she insisted I take a £25 refund as meeting was shorter than arranged ! (How about that! Possibly the Carlsberg of escorts)

Will I return? Well actually probably not as she just wasn't my body type, but for those that like slim mature ladies who are 100% genuine then she's highly recommended..

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