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Author Topic: West Midlands/hornyblonde92,Birmingham  (Read 677 times)

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Offline sanj07

AW profile link: www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2687676

This booking was in direct response to Juankerr's review yesterday :thumbsup:

Woke up today week off work and a daily punt was on the cards, after reading Juans review thought about punting 15mins with the above beauty.

Comms: Arranged by text within 10mins texted me her postcode and apartment block which is in the jewelary quarter of Bham -Hall St, plenty of parking around the area- 80pence for 60min parking.

Location, New apartments directed to correct block by text and tapped in aprt number on comms straight up to apartment.

- Horny Blonde opened the door did not hide behind door greeted with a big smile seemed shy and hopped to bedroom with me following behind exactly as in pics around size 6.
-Sorted paperwork and nice thing was she did not leave the room I quickly undressed and jumped onto bed she did not waste anytime and went straight down giving a nice sloppy oral no eye contact but she was focused on what she was doing also shame it did not start with some kissing but I did not expect this after reading Juans review she will kiss if its initiated by yourself but there was no initiation on her part. She was working hard down below taking the full depth whilst i stroked her clit and felt those small perky tits, i asked her to switch to 69 which she did and now the fun starts :lol: i have not seen huge flaps for a long time they were meaty and beautiful i licked and enjoyed them for ages such a nice view down there this oral session had gone on for good 8mins and then she sat up saying that her hands were hurting as she was supporting herself on the mattress for the 69 position for a whilst lol. she shook her arms and went staright back to work with nice rythmic oral whilst i stroked her bum and clitoris. I had five mins left and asked her for the finale she asked me to pass her the condom off the bedside table which i did she slipped it on and I had her on top to start with she was nice and firm she was not penetrating hard on top for whatever reason nevermind I never enjoy this position anyway its always a nice tester to get a feel of WG i then switched on top and this is where I gave her a good pounding she was tight I could feel my own contours i Pumped her hard whilst holding her hands with each thrust i gripped her hands harder with some kissing telling her her beautyful she was and then I cum with delight felt great, bang on 15mins.

Cleaned up with wipes again she did not leave the room whilst I was changing she was checking phone and chatting to me really nice freindly girl and I got my moneys worth cant go wrong with a 15min punt to start your day.


Really freindly girl seems shy, nice location easy parking great comms
Real value for money at 15mins-£40 cant go wrong
Nice firm pussy with flaps yum yum

could be better

No kissing at start straight into action but does kiss if kissed and does not shy away but no DFK or toungue stuff
With no eye contact during oral or sex maybe shyness on her part and no DFK or initiated kissing I will visit again but not for any longer than 15mins as there did nlot seem to be any extra delights to be gained, otherwise she meeted my expectations and I left with a smile on my place feeling recharged for the day ahead.


7 review(s) found for hornyblonde92 linked to in above post (5 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Juankerr

Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself sanj  :hi:

Offline adbd68

Nice review mate..helpful for me ..planning to meet her on 7th
Banning reason: White-knight

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