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Author Topic: Is it just me?  (Read 313 times)

Offline Mark76

I see Amazing Victoria No1 featuring heavily in the Yorkshire reviews section. But is it just me who thinks she's ok, worth seeing but not as amazing as many seem to make out? Or did I just catch her on a bad day?

Yes she was enthusiastic, but so are plenty of ladies out there.
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Offline stevedave

It's different strokes for different folks isn't it, I guess? I for one was mightily impressed the first time I saw her (back last summer) and have seen her a couple of times since...but no one girl is ever going to appeal to absolutely everyone, and your opinion and feedback is just as valid as anyone else's!

Even if someone with 50+ positive reviews got a neg or a neutral, the review still needs to be taken on merit...indeed many would argue that the one less than effusive review is probably of more value than the others.

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