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Author Topic: let it grow, let it grow you have to let it grow  (Read 528 times)

Offline Gigiddy

Check out this biased review on Pubic hair...
Well it is American but one thing that er grabbed me was the micro lesions from shaving before sex could allow any possible infect a way into our otherwise perfect bodies hmmm..
 shave a few days before innit

Banning reason: Frivolous reporting

Offline HughJardon

Dont bother with manscaping

Just let it all hang out, like sasquatch boy  :hi:

Offline Gigiddy

 Sir your image catalogue must be encyclopedic  :hi:
Cracking picture
Banning reason: Frivolous reporting

Offline HughJardon

Of course G your dead right shave the day before , imagine booking an appointment with your fave girl and then having to cancel with the excuse of, sorry Barbie cant make it Ive knicked my bollox with the old Mach 3.
She probably wouldnt take further meetings with you, or alternatively you could bite the bullet and go and then be known as the guy with a scar on his Nuts.
Harry Henderson aside I do manscape.
Quote from Doctor Evil "There really is nothing like a shorn scrotum, it's breathtaking, I suggest you try it"

Interesting but I guess if we have it we must need it.  I do like nicely trimmed hedge and bushes does rhyme with toshes.  Not a fan of a forest and for myself go for the number 1 setting so all tidy.  I don't have the balls to go risking a razor down there as it could end in disaster.  :lol:

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