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Author Topic: London Swingers Adult Party  (Read 1951 times)

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Offline drwho

£100 for "4 hours", "4-5 Girls + Swingers"
Saturday 8pm - Midnight

This was a very hesitant return visit for me, 2 years (almost exactly to the day) since I tried them the first time.

Previous (Neutral) review

I wasn't expecting to return but while looking at what was available while my wife is out of the country I started to weigh up the alternatives, using
cost/risk/potential fun/availability for my days off work

I fancied a party, and was frustrated waiting for Sunday to arrive for Phoenix to update their schedule (I really wish they released their schedule a week ahead like HOD do. A few girls would inevitably cancel, but they do that already at Phoenix in my experience)

Decided to take the plunge with a return visit to LSAP. I remember how much better my 2nd visit was to LAPC, and hoped the same would be true for this place.

The website is crap for any idea about the ladies. You have to register for gallery access, but this only shows headless photoshopped useless pictures.

Rang the number, through to voicemail
Got a return call and a follow up text with the address and codeword for entrance.
New venue: Very easy to find above shops near the market in Chalk farm/Camden.

Got there 20 mins early so could use the bathroom and relax.
I took the chance to give Mark and Julio the organisers a bit of feedback on my experience at my previous visit, even though it was 2 years ago (In short: far too many guys, and the 'bring your own' booze got nicked :rolleyes:)
Slowly other people arrived, but only 1 girl, so no action.
By about 8.15 3 other girls had arrived and within 10 minutes things got started.

There were 4 girls present for the whole night (4/5 were advertised)
I counted 15 guys at peak time, but this dropped off and I would say was an acceptable ratio considering it was a 4 hour party (3 hours as it turned out though).

The 4 girls seemed to know each other and were arranged in 2 rooms of 2 beds.
They spoke across the room to each other during the action (in Portuguese/Spanish)

Present were:
Malu (Fit mid to late thirties brown skinned Brazilian/Portuguese- her origin seemed to change during conversation with her)
Pink (Heavily built (but not fat) bottle blonde caucasian Brazilian, or whatever she really was)
Sara (Pretty and slim probably late twenties Spanish)
Amy (White Portuguese but a bit large)

Enjoyed the next 3 hours with the first 3 of these, returning to Pink for a 4th round as she was available.

Nothing amazing, but in the context of a long party for not a huge amount of money I had a decent time.

Unlike the previous visit there were far fewer guys, and people were a lot more considerate. I also hasten to add that in my earlier review I made reference to some of the pushy contingent sharing a common race. Well this time there were guys from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean and we all had a laugh, in fact I bumped into the Asian guys on the tube later then it became apparent that a Maltese guy from the same party was also on the same carriage. It helps when you're all a bit pissed at the end of the night, but it felt like genuine bonhomie on that tube journey.

Back to the girls:
Fairly basic service admittedly, mostly no kissing, covered oral only.
Still fun though. Pink allowed as much fingering and clit rubbing as I could give. I did actually manage to sneak a kiss or 2 in at the height of passion with her, which definitely added to it. Sara and Malu were more attractive to me, but a bit less up for it in terms of how much we threw ourselves around the bed.

Noticed later I'd managed to friction burn both knees, so maybe I should have been a bit more reserved myself :)

There was a visit by an Indian swinger couple midway through the party. I love Indian women, and this one was no exception. Had a chance to chat but they'd already been upstairs to the playrooms by this stage and been pounced on by some of the guys there apparently so they had already resolved not to get involved that night. Damn shame, but not hugely surprising. Would loved to have seen her undressed at the very least though.... :unknown:

...and the end. It wound up by 11.30, which was 30 mins earlier than stated. As it was though I was a bit nervous about the threat of Bus replacement services if I stayed it out until midnight, so after 3 hours it wasn't a complete rip off by any means.

I'd go again, but only when the wife's away.


Offline vt

Cheers for the review...gives a flavour of what to expect...the good, the bad & the ugly!   :drinks:

I like the idea of saying something like 'flibbertigibbet' to gain entry...makes it seem more naughty!  :D


Thanks for the review Mate!

It sounds like a nice party !

Offline davidgood

Thanks for the review, I am pleased you enjoyed yourself.

Also pleased LSAP are back on the party scene.

I went to the party on Tuesday evening.

I did not do a head count but probably about 10 or 11 guys. Busy to start but guys were leaving after an hour or two and I manged to sample all 3 girls include a slim young girl who arrived a bit late. Can't remember her name as I think I have only seen her once before sometime ago.

The other 2 were Sheila (aka Shaila) and Malu, who are regular party girls and good fun.



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