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Author Topic: Jessybee  (Read 983 times)

10 review(s) for jessybee (8 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/2883148 or https://www.adultwork.com/jessybee

I've been back and forth to Swansea for a few days and thought I'd take the opportunity to sample some of the wares while down there. I usually punt at short notice which I know is difficult to arrange so after a few false starts, I decided on Jessybee mainly due to the positive comments on here.

Communications - were good although she couldnt text and I couldnt phone so all was done through the AW booking system which was a little painful.

Location - a modern housing estate. Neighbours at next but one house were in and out and were looking at the foot traffic going in to Jessybee's (she was very busy) but other than that, it was okay. I parked on the drive after the previous customer vacated the space. On reflection, I probably should've been a bit more discreet!

Jessybee, the body and the person - She is, as others have said, very petite, around 5’2” tall, dark brown hair tied up. I must be honest and say that when she initially popped her head around the door, I was a little shocked as she didnt look very attractive at all and I nearly walked away but I'm glad I didnt.
Profile pics are fairly accurate but her breasts are quite small indeed. Maybe a B cup but quite empty and a little saggy which doesnt help. I'm making her sound terrible but she isn't that bad really. What really makes up for it is her very friendly attitude and personality, and willingness to please.
Although I didnt have a close up view of her pussy (which is rare as I usually love giving oral), it was nice to see a little bit of hair down below for a change. I'm not saying it was a 70s/80s Color Climax style bush by any means but it was nice to see something different!
She also has quite a few tattoos and the one at the nape of her neck was quite helpful at one point!

Services - I fancied exploring the A levels as I have very little experience in that so it was confirmed as an extra £20 making it £80 for half hour. I said when I arrived that I wasn't sure if I'd get to the A levels so she was quite happy for me to pay the extra if we managed it.
Started with DFK then on to OWO. I was a little nervous and was struggling a bit but then she hit the spot perfectly in combination with massaging my balls and I was soon fully in the game. Then on with the cover and she asked me to go behind her. I wanted cowgirl instead to begin with and she did this with no complaints. Moved to doggy shortly after and loved the sight of her lowest lips clinging around me. Then moved on to the A levels which was amazing. Loved the tightness and gave her a good hard pounding which she made all the right noises about it. Back in to her pussy then and felt it was all getting too much for me. Asked if I could finish with a facial which she was perfectly happy with.

Overall - There's a thread in the discussons about 'Beauty or Beast'. It would be harsh to say that she's a beast but she isnt the most attractive. But as has been said in that B or B thread, service wins almost all of the time and Jessybee excels in that. She really is a true professional and I definitely recommend her.

10 review(s) found for jessybee linked to in above post (8 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Nipper2

Good review, tried booking her last weekend but not available for the time I wanted.... But will definitely have to make the effort to rebook. Glad you enjoyed   :thumbsup:

Nice review.......... thank you......  :hi:

Offline Redevil86

Good review , bit harsh on the looks but that's an eye of the beholder thing , so respect that and yes about pubic hair , I was a touch taken aback as I've not seen any since sex with the o h ( trimmed ) a few years ago, did feel a touch odd at first doing r o but a nice change I guess, but bottom line was great service, did't try anal ( will next time ) but she fingered her arse while I did doggy with her, what a sight and if she was still in Newport I'd have been back by now but still intend putting a dust mask on and traveling down to jack land !

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