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Author Topic: Mature and Teen, Tolworth?  (Read 490 times)

Offline Skaw1968

Anyone seen Mature and Teen, looks fun and would be one off the bucket list


Looks value for money. Leah has been hacking around Surrey & Basingstoke in a variety of outfits. Prices ranging from 120og to 160ph. Service varies to include vim owo swallow(*) and so on. Exclusive GF as Chloe, Indy as Leah and various. May even have had a spell at Surrey Gems/Indi Angels if I'm not mistaken. Most profiles have included the one photo of her with her back to the wall and lag half cocked. I am unable to offer a review on Chloe but some of my sporting chums have commented either side of Neutral.
So a duo for an hour at 200?
Depends on whether it's her granny with her I s'pose.

Good luck gents

I was once offered the duo. The older lady was prob late 50s, blonde, size 14/16 and a smoker. I opted only to stay with then Leah (now Chloe?).

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