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Author Topic: Crawley - "Happy NEW YEAR Babe!"  (Read 747 times)

Have a close look at this AW image as follows

via analysis it comes to an exact match as follows,


image hosting no sign up


The model shown is a porn model by the name of Bonnie Bellotti confirmed by following links below.
Nothing on the AW feedback suggests a Bait & Switch but I would exercise caution as it's not the
first time an AW profile has skimmed off images from porno/glam photography sites. In addition
have enclosed some bio regarding this Bonnie Belloti model who appears to be based in Sheffield.


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Thank you laidbackasiandude. I keep forgetting about "tineye".

Thank you laidbackasiandude. I keep forgetting about "tineye".

Don't forget to cross-check using Google Reverse Image Search (GRIS),


I can actually confirm that the images on this "profile" are of me yet I am not an escort but actually a glamour model based in Sheffield. This profile is using MY images without permission from the photographer and associating me with the escort world. Thank you for bringing it to attention though chaps as it has now been reported

Offline deltaboy11

Thanks for posting, I was looking to visit her on Friday but will steer well clear
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