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Author Topic: Threesomes / Duos / Doubles... What's your experience been like?  (Read 1474 times)

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I approached a girl I'd seen a good few times previously, and who I get on with, asking if she knew of another girl who would join us for a FFM session. The response was "I don't do those anymore, as I get pissed off with the other girl not working hard enough".

I wasn't sure if I should have been pissed off or congratulate her on her somewhat "punter" view point.

It's every man's dream to have a threesome. And for the right amount of money anything's possible ;)

But faced with the offer of a threesome - and I know this is going to sound like the silliest question ever - I'm not actually sure what I'd do with them?

One-on-one with a single girl is fine - plenty to keep us both amused. But sadly, I only have one penis. What is the other girl doing? How do I keep everyone amused at the same time?

Basically - what are the logistics to stop one person being awkwardly left out?

Best threesome's (with FFM)  I've had, actually involved splitting the time up a little, first me with one girl alone, then the other girl joins in (for majority of time), then finish off with some one on one time just with the second girl  - so ended up with a bit of both - threesome plus one on one.  Both girls give equal time, but not all at once. 

If the girls are used to threesomes, they can usually keep amused in a FFM situation, and aren't left out, while you enjoy one.  I'm sure both girls could enjoy oral on your penis at the same time, for example.  Make sure both girls are bi-  though, to ensure a smooth running threesome!
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My opinion's on duo'd etc
Done MFF with vanilla girls with little or no interaction.....nice but a waste of money
Done MFF with dirty filthy girls.... well worth it if you push them... don't and you are missing out
Done MMFF with dirty girls and a new male punter i had never met, fantastic experience
Done a MMF with an actual couple with MM interaction and a filthy girl...... the best experience to date

Never done a party or gangbang (if i was single deffo do)


Done a MMF with an actual couple with MM interaction and a filthy girl...... the best experience to date


I remember the report on here !!!   :)  :dance:


ha ha...i remember the punt...do I

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Had an MMF with a swinger couple once whose wife could take two cocks up her cunt at once. Slightly worrying couple but his wife was hot as fuck.

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 :hi: Done a few threesome`s ffm quite expensive and a some a bit rushed its a real challange eating muff and shagging the other girl at the same time plus swapping condoms for entry into girl 2is abit off putting doulbe blow jobs can be great done a few mmf`s these have always been better if you and the other guy work as ateam and change places when the other starts to fade  ;)  getting a girl close and then letting your wingman cause the explosion is great just as stepping in when he tells you to take over and bang the arse of her  ;) ;) as a few of you lads out there have done  :cool: MMF s can be the best also shagging in front of the maid is a great turnon for me as I think the girl is more relaxed with some one they know and trust in the room too :D :D Tagteam rules :dance: :dance:

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Got an FFM booked next week with a reviewed pair who seem to be gagging for it 24/7 - Look out for the review in the SW section next week! :-)

A very long time ago I managed a DP with two girls one with a strapon - wonder if they'll be up for it? :-)

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so far my experience has been its better in your imagination that in person , its like you need 2 dicks and iits harder than you think to act out that porno style ffm

planning another one shortly...im a bit more vocal now and dont mind blurting out just what i want , hopefully it will go a bit better , although in some ways if money is tight then  2x seperate visits works out better value
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Other thing to watch out for is multi-tasking with 2 girls, can only think with one brain at a time myself so others might have the same problem.

I think it's a good point (no pun intended) and thanks for bringing it up.  :drinks:

It can be like having a different part of your brain stimulated. Periferal awareness. Like when you're chatting up a girl in a bar, looking at her and smiling at her, but her pal, who you can just see out of the corner of your eye, is somehow radiating the energy that's giving you a big erection.

The nice thing about a threesome when this happens is you don't have to be so disingenuous about it. One is stimulating your conscious brain and the other is stimulating the edge of consciousness, and it's horny as hell.

The danger for the newcomer to three or more-somes, as you point out, is that he feels confused about which one to focus on. I'm trying to analyse what I do but to get the benefit obviously you have to keep both girls occupied. If I'm having a full-on interaction with one (eg fucking her) then i want a different type of interaction going on with the other, even if it's only stroking her thigh (a tactile thing, and which can be very erotic, especially as the first one is satisfying the more mechanical 'pumping' need).

I demand interaction usually. If I'm stroking the second woman's thigh she has to be focussed on that and getting into it to some extent. The easiest starter can be fucking one and kissing /breast fondling-or-sucking the other. If the women are inexperienced, they can also get disorientated though.

My template for three and more-somes is swinging orgies or, to an extent, LMP (which is basically swinging re-jigged for male pleasure instead of women running the show as in swinging).  Swinging can teach a certain awareness, which comes via respect for the wishes of others. A number of times at Machester's Cupids for instance, I'd poke my head into a room where an orgy was in progress. A woman being fucked might invite me to stick my cock in her mouth, and meanwhile another woman might be giving me the eye (across several bodies) with a sort of "us next" come-on look. With no requirement to look at the woman giving me a blow job (sideways on as she's fucked missionary), i can enjoy the flirtation.

This suggests another psychology of what is happening, and that is anticipation vs desire, or savouring your steak while also looking forward with mouth-watering expectation to the creme brûlée! (I seem to remember I read some good essays by Ross Jeffries on this subject many years ago btw. He is the only 'gamemaster' guy in the bunch of wannabees that actually understands anything about psychology.)

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I had a mff with 2 escorts a few years ago and it was pretty shit. They didn't interact and it was the days before I was aware of adultwork or this site.

On the other hand my gf and I had a mmf with a guy we found on a swinging site and it was the best experience I've ever had. I video'd it too!😊
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I've never done a threesome booking....... I haven't met enough escorts in one particular region for me to ever consider a MFF meet!!

Also they're just too expensive for me!!
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I've never done a threesome booking....... I haven't met enough escorts in one particular region for me to ever consider a MFF meet!!

Also they're just too expensive for me!!

They are indeed outrageously expensive. The parties formerly known as LMP are expensive now too; but at least you are pretty well assured of a good time and vfm. If you've got game and willing to put in the time without being mega-fussy, some of the swinger clubs and scenes are a possibility for the solo male, especially MMFs, but incidentals mount up and don't always pay off.

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