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Author Topic: Tori Taylor of AdultWork  (Read 841 times)

29 review(s) for Tori.Taylor (25 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline OscarC

https://www.adultwork.com/2663834 or https://www.adultwork.com/Tori%2ETaylor

I booked Tori between Christmas and New Year for a 30minute in all appointment. Price was £50.

Venue: Apartment at Hebburn. Warm comfortable room. No sign or sounds of there being anybody else there has as previously been mentioned in other reports.

Lady: My first meeting with Tori after many months of trying to get a suitable date. A slim, long blonde hair girl, very attractive. Small breasts, beautiful firm arse. Shaven pussy with a piercing.

Appointment: I was offered a drink which I declined. Paperwork sorted, then Tori excused herself for a few minutes, presumably to file away the paperwork. She returned and jumped on the bed, inviting me to join her. We started kissing, a lovely slow snog to get to know each other. Soon, she pushed me onto my back, then jumped astride me to start rubbing her crotch against mine. This started to have the desired effect, and before long we were stripping off to our underwear.

More kissing, and fondling and sucking of her breasts. She may have small breasts, but boy do those nipples get hard. I quite like small breasts, so perfect for me.  I rolled her on to her beck and kissed my way down her body before removing her underwear. A beautiful pussy that was a delight to lick, suck, tease and gently finger. Spot on hygiene, tasted lovely. Not sure if she came, but seemed to enjoy my efforts and she certainly became quite sensitive, so perhaps she did cum. Not kidding myself though!

She pulled me up to her for more kissing then it was my turn for some lovely owo. Nice technique, concentrating on bell end and plenty of saliva.

Before long she was on her back, I knelt between her legs as she wanked me slowly then apples the condom. Into mish, a nice tight slow fuck to begin with. Then she turned round and asked to be fucked hard from behind. What a beautiful arse to grip hold of and pound away in her tight pussy before cumming hard inside her.

Recovered on the bed with her lying on my chest whilst having a pleasant chat, before getting dressed.

Would I return: Yes

Recommended: Yes

29 review(s) found for Tori.Taylor linked to in above post (25 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline aberdeen angus

yes highly agree-a spot on service from a good looking lass--no rush either--the hebburn place is great,easy to find and discreet--have often thought about a duo with tori and dirty dionne--just wonder if i could do them justice, or me ha ha

worth adding that dionne is a smart little cookie too
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Offline daveev

Is tori a new girl, i don't think ive seen her mentioned on here before  :D

Offline Mansell

Is tori a new girl, i don't think ive seen her mentioned on here before  :D

I'll let you know Daveev, I'm sure I have got a booking with someone by that name later this week.  :yahoo: :yahoo:

If it's a new girl I'll have to do a review  :cool: :cool:

Offline daveev

thanks for that, maybe in the future i might to get to see her again as well  :P

Offline Rod trotter

Sounds bang average mind  :hi:

But never been
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Offline daveev

lol i like slutty to rod, hence harlequin back at mine tonight  :yahoo:

Offline OscarC

lol i like slutty to rod, hence harlequin back at mine tonight  :yahoo:

Who is Harlequin?

Offline OscarC

a amour girl i see

Ah, just read your review, sounds like a good one to add to the wish list.

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