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Author Topic: Canadian Wendy - Glasgow  (Read 1165 times)

7 review(s) for CANADIAN WENDY (2 positive, 3 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline GucciMane


Long time reader, first time poster. Seems only right to start it with a review.

Saw Canadian Wendy back in September.


Tried via phone and she answered, texts where fairly regular on the run up to meet. No complaints - what i expected / what IS expected.

She texted me an address up near broomielaw, arrived. The first address she gave was a false flag and when i had arrived she gave me the proper address which was on the other side of the street. The flat was in a big modern complex by the clyde - was a mission to get into though because of the buzzer entry system was unorthodox. very central  - it was a walk from me so i didnt take parking into consideration. Got in and the elevators served about 8 floors so you were bound to see someone in the building on the way up/down.
Got to the room, was clean and nice atmosphere.

She was good, but the pictures on her AW aren't very accurate. She looks a lot more aged and the botoxy skin is coming through a little bit. Tanned skin but it looked aged. Maybe past her peak, but she still looked good. Nice tits and arse. Very pleasant and chatty. Her accent didn't come across very canadian, i know on her profile and it states she's part italian but she actually sounded a bit EE, but who knows.

She got me stripped and wanked me off, no DFK which is one of my likings so was let down a wee bit there.   She gave oral with condom (i'm clean (Showered before arrival) and shaved down there) which was  good but would have been better with OWO. We did doggy, missionary and cowgirl til  i came whilst doggy. The sex was good but was a £60/£70/hh standard.

All in all would give the punt a 6/10 just because the VFM wasn't there. Was a bland punt that set me back £30 more than it should have. Although she is pretty and her comms were good - her looks aren't as great as her AW pics make out. You could get better for £70/hh.  If she was £70/hh, i would have given it a positive. The extra £30 for basically nothing special isn't worth it.

Anyway - i'm sure my review writing skills will improve in due course. I hope this helps at least.

7 review(s) found for CANADIAN WENDY linked to in above post (2 positive, 3 neutral, 2 negative)

I was thinking of splashing out on her just to guarantee getting a stunner but yours along with other reviews indicates she is maybe 40. The £150 makes you think you are getting an elite hoer but she isn't at that level by the sounds of it. Helpful review, keep posting.

Offline Roger De Her

I too have contemplated splashing out on what looked like it would be an extra special experience!

Alas, it appears, just a good piece of marketing, Bullet Dodged!

Many thanks Gucci for the review, and,  yes please do keep posting.

Banning reason: Complaining about thread warning punters about criminal prossie

Offline Firebird

From what I have read about her on the site she is waaaaay past her prime and also offers a pretty shit service to boot. Wouldn't even remotely consider going to see her in all honesty.

Canadian Wendy.

Nationality:  Italian.

Where there's a contradiction about something so basic, walk.  Petty lies = mediocre service.

Edit to add: I see I'm far from the first to pick up on this.
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Offline TDK9011

That's strange cos I had a session with her once back in June 2014 and I got DFK and OWO

I agree with this review. Only thing she has going for her is her looks and those wonderful tits. Service is mediocre and was rushed. I paid for 30 mins and was out of there within 20 mins. She does not allow you to lick her pussy. In the 69 position I was only allowed to sniff her pussy no licking. Which was a shame. Defo wants you to cum fast and out the door asap. And one annoying thing was that on the way out the flat I spoke at a standard volume and she got angry that I was going to disturb her neighbours. Bizarre.

I was only allowed to sniff her pussy no licking.

Reduced to mimicking a dog to get off is one depressing punt. The prospect of this sort of service is why I talk myself out of punting most of the time.

Offline pete-piper

The prospect of this sort of service is why I talk myself out of punting most of the time.

I've been very good at that too recently.

This forum can produce as much grey as AW sometimes.

Offline seeker

I gave this old trout a negative review
Last year ..
£100 hh  :sarcastic: :sarcastic: :sarcastic:
 :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:Avoid

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