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Author Topic: Kiev report  (Read 2869 times)

Offline TrickyD

I had some time on my hands and travelling thru Europe, had time to fit a few days in here.
Arrived Zhulany Airport which is near Kiev itself, which was good move, my bad move is I'm leaving from Borispol which maybe an hour from Kiev, my bad.
Booked an apartment here, found it no problem, it's about 40euros per night, big room, small fridge, kettle etc, great bathroom with good shower, which was main reason I picked it. I'm couple kilometres from centre, just about walkable, which I've done to get to know area. Limited choice because I booked late and is holiday period over new year, next time I'll look more central.
Arrived lunchtime, took shower and quick nap, in the evening ( new years eve ) thought I would try my luck.
Realised without speaking Russian, its not easy here! luckily I found one that spoke English, thought what the hell go for it, she was a Bbw, nice enough RO, 69, Kissing but not Dfk, but she was ok , paid 40 euro for the hour and some change for taxi.
Next day I got some supplies, beer, wine, champagne, snacks, thought I will go for it with an all nighter, well 6 hours, prices seemed good.
Hit the same language barrier but perseverance paid off, got texting with a young lady, who informed me she was out of Kiev but had a friend, alarm bells rang, but asked her to send me foto, she tried but phone was no go, tried email, but from .ru, the fotos actually arrived next day!
Anyway she assured me I would like her, I said if I don't like I'll pay taxi and leave it, I thought maybe I was getting set up, but thought if she is half decent I'll do the hour.
She arrived , wow she was 9.5 at least, 20 year old blond, probably the most beautiful I've had, did the paperwork it was 2500 grv, so about £75, I thought what a bargain! never done an overnight before, we started with Champagne, she wolfed all the snacks she was obviously hungry, we both had showers and then spent the whole night in and out of bed shagging, drinking, chatting her English was pretty good, overall a very very good night, only minus was minimal kissing, was pretty vanilla, but what a tight beauty she was, happy to fuck like bunny all night, she left about 6.30, I just crashed rest of the day, before going to the pub in the afternoon.
O'Briens pub is near Freedom Sq, decent place to go to hear some English spoken, food isn't that bad, good place to watch the footy.
I will continue, I have another few days, but my next young lady is due to arrive shortly

Offline Jerboa

Good to read your report, Kiev is a place I want to visit, but you're right about needing some Russian.
9.5 for the blonde sounds cracking, any photos? So it was 2500 grv for 6 hours?

Offline vt

I've met a few nice Ukrainians at LMP in London. If they were anything to go by, a trip to Kiev at the prices quoted by the OP could be a good punting option.

Offline bokkaboy

No offence gents but I wouldn't bother learning Russian for a trip to Kiev.
Speaking Ukrainian (similar I grant you to Russian) will get their juices flowing much quicker. They don't like the Russians much in Kiev.
Small point of order.
Good luck
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Offline Royd30

Nice one but how did you make contact with girls. Have been to Kiev a few times and have had trouble locating any takers. I stayed near main square, walked in subways during nite, seemed a big seedy. During day say lots of tasty totty but no joy in making contact. Maybe some advice how you managed. I find Ukrainians attractive and would love to punt in a Kiev, but mindful, so some tips contacts would be welcome...rgds. I speak no Ukrainian or russian, went to massage parlour but only hand relief with two girls. Have a feeling I lost out because I chose 2 girls, had it been 1 then sex may have taken place
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Offline TrickyD


This was the young lady of my second night.
Third day I struck lucky calling random fashion, found 24 yr old dk busty, asked to come for hour, when she arrived it was not her from photo, but she was hot 18 or 19 student, 5'9 slim dark waist length hair, couldn't say no, her English was limited, but she was keen to get stuck into the champagne to warm up and I put on some chill music.
She was enthusiastic in bed but inexperienced, she was in a bit of a hurry, but I got her into 69 and wow I never tasted so sweet, she loved it and being rimmed, she didn't want to stop, we moved thru lots of different positions until I popped, wasn't worth me trying for another so we continued drinking and chatting. She wants to be a flight attendant when she finishes Uni, lovely friendly girl, just doing this for some quick cash, profile dead, and phone no, next day.
Next day I got nothing, plan A, B and C all failed, I don't think it's practical punting here without Ukr/Russian language, I don't think it's relevant that Ukrainians dislike Russians! the locals I've spoken to say Russians and Ukrainians are all good people and that war going on is not necessary.
Getting a girl you see in a photo is almost impossible because of all the swapping going on, most girls use a number which handles booking for many, problem is the girls have diff names on diff sites!
 So how to discuss with the operator ( who doesn't speak English ) who you want to see, is a nightmare, the girl you want might state she speaks English, but it's not her that you talk to.
I've sort of got a slight relationship with operator at one number who perseveres with my Russian, then I send text in English, which she then gets a girl later to deal with ( who speaks English ) so last night I asked her for an all night booking for next night, giving them time to get organised, they contacted me today agreeing booking and confirming the name of the girl, who is v.hot, so at least I'm organised for tonight.
Some numbers have at least ten girls on same number, and some are very hot, but obviously they try send the ugly one  ( who doesn't get much work ) because I'm stupid foreigner. I try insist on photo, but its difficult.
Really the standard though is very high, so probably pot luck will work, but I wouldn't feel very good about sending them away at door, then feeling deflated because I have nothing!
My belief is I will establish good relation with the op that I deal with, then I will get best girls available on their book, most are young slim early twenties, then if I return to Kiev I will hit the ground running next time.
Also the girls are happy to recommend other girls if you are good with them.
Generally around Kiev it's hard to spend money it's so cheap, Big beer Ukr is about £1, food and everything cheap.
Expensive girls ask 80 or 120 euro the hour but seem to offer minimal services ( vanilla ) cheaper ones can be better I believe, less worn, and only cost 35 to 40 euro the hour. so it makes it a cheap holiday here. tbc

Offline Jerboa

No offence gents but I wouldn't bother learning Russian for a trip to Kiev.
Speaking Ukrainian (similar I grant you to Russian) will get their juices flowing much quicker. They don't like the Russians much in Kiev.
Small point of order.
Good luck

Is that from personal experience, or from watching to many western news channels? Majority of Ukrainians and Russian people don't want a war between them, just the extremest on each side.
Fact is until recently Russian was most widely spoken in Kiev region than Ukrainian, the west of the country is traditionally Ukrainian speakers, and more nationalistic. I'm no cunning linguist, but from what I gather both languages are very close.

Offline TrickyD

I agree, both languages seem close, anyway coming here and speaking English, from my experience is, you hit a brick wall.
Most times when I call if I say ' do you speak English? ' boom, phone goes down! so now I don't even say it, I just bumble along with whatever Russian I can manage , having watched some Youtube videos.
Anyway my strike rate so far is pretty good, scored four nights from five.
Some other info, these ladies are very, very clean, they appreciate house slippers on arrival, my apt came supplied and they were very complimentary, they don't like walking barefoot on carpet, they shower on arrival and often during the night, so have a place with good bathroom helps, with hot water, which I read can be problem here.
The girls like that the apt is quite big, has big double bed, fridge, but also has coffee table with two easy chairs, so it's comfortable to sit drink and chat between sessions, with their adherence to cleanliness, I don't think eating or drinking in bed would go so well.
May seem obvious, but entertain them, I put relaxing music to create atmosphere, offer snacks and drinks, they love champagne it seems, again they have complimented me, and I see it helps them really get into it, anyway I don't want them sleeping when they are with me! the booze keeps things flowing it seems.
At airport I got Sim card, like 5 euros, don't think about using a foreign number, they will not reply, hell a lot don't reply to Ukrainian number.
I didn't try picking up at bars or discos like Shooters, it's not my scene, I'm 55 and think I would look bit silly trying to hit on babes in a club, but if I return maybe I will give it a try.
At the apart hotel I'm at, I've had no trouble with the girls coming, don't know how this works at hotels, It was something I was concerned about, but seems ok, luckily the receptionists change most days, so maybe they don't notice the different women coming and going, but in spite of the not so central location, I may consider staying same place again. Also great internet connection, without this finding ladies would be impossible.
One redeeming factor I found out it is near to Bus station for airport, so instead of paying 50 to 60 euros to get to Borispol, I may just use the bus, its not big deal, but it just seems easy to not spend money here! which leaves more for mongering.

Offline Royd30

Hi Tricky, thanks for all info I find it useful and can't wait to return to kiev, will be soon, I use to stay hotel ukraine and once stayed in an apartment was quite reasonable, any idea on prices recently. Lastly on the web sites you sent the girls had prices listed in uah seems cheap due to exchange rate, is that hourly rate and did you just call the number listed and asked for girl of your choice, any extras to be paid taxi etc, how much....again thx for all your info. I am of similar age as you but love the young ones, my god I kill for those on web sites you advised
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I spent a lot of time in Kiev a few years ago, in the heyday of the River Palace where the girls are all over you like a cheap suit, stayed at the Hyatt and had a great time with only the odd word of Russian. Go to the bars, the better ones and look available, you won't be ignored, also the strip club offer takeaway service. Ukrainian girls are great and love sex.

Offline Royd30

River palace was closed when I was there, on my own so a bit weary of getting into problems. Didn't visit any bars but would have liked to, any names of bars I should consider. Not really into strip clubs as the vast majority are rip offs. I'd rather spend my money getting involved rather than being a spectator if you get my drift. Really want to get into the Kiev scene, the women are stunningly beautiful. Escorts no problem, bars no problem, all ok with me, but experiencing language issues and where to go when on your own

Offline TrickyD

Hi Roy, I used one day to just call and order to my apt from the websites for one hour sessions, but most of them seem to be B & S. It's really not reliable, very frustrating, they just have some ugly babes to send out and hope you'll be desperate enough to use them.
My preference became longer sessions, ie 5 or 6 hours, for this though they need some decent level of English, but then I found it was a really fun experience and they really got into it, making it like a date rather than just a sex session. I had a lot of laughs and fun with the girls Drinking, eating , trying to communicate and getting to know them.
From having good relationship with one girl, I was able to get her to recommend someone else and so on, because in short time I built a trust level for them, that I was a 'good guy' fun to be with, nothing weird, so it seemed to work.
My last night from such a recommendation I was with a young woman, OMG best night of my life!!! don't want to say too much because I really really want to see her again, but turns out she's single parent, isn't really a WG, has full time job, just does the occasional trick for extra cash, ( maybe all bull ! ) but anyway it was a wonderful night.
I think I've established good relationships with at least three young ladies there that when I return, I won't need to use the websites, they are a minefield, but yeah maybe I'll try the clubs next time.
Overall the quality of the punts I've had have born little comparison to UK, also its great VFM, £25 to £30 for apartment and £75 per night for an all nighter works for me.
On call outs 800 to 1000 grv seems pretty standard, so about £30 for an hour, didn't try the higher priced ones 2 to 3000, maybe they're better.
I was lucky, found out my apt was near the bus station, so took the Skybus from central Kiev to Boryspil, crazy price about £1.80 for 50 minute trip, would have used taxi, but bus station was there, so thought why not? so easy not to spend money in Kiev!
The trip exceeded all my expectations, I will definitely go back, only thing to improve it, would have been some company, would have been good to have a friend to go for a beer or meal together sometimes and plan strategy, I'll go in October probably so if someone fancies teaming up, send me a PM,
I've only punted in Holland, Greece and now Kiev, so I've not got comparison with other European cities, but I hope the pricing info helps others thinking of doing a trip.

Online bbois77

Great reviews Tricky, much appreciated for bringing us all up-to-date and perhaps planting the seeds of an event later in year, assuming the Russian bear stops warmongering in the east of the country

Offline Jerboa

Great reviews Tricky, much appreciated for bringing us all up-to-date and perhaps planting the seeds of an event later in year, assuming the Russian bear stops warmongering in the east of the country

Why would the Russian Bear in Donbass stop you visiting Kiev?

Offline budgie smuggler

Hi, I'm seriously considering Kiev, this year, would like to know if anyone knows what is actually on offer at Kiev erotic massage parlours - there seem to be many of them. On some of the websites, they say "ABSOLUTELY NO Sex or oral" and if you dare to ask for it, or ask to meet the girl later, you will be asked to leave. and I accept that,

  I don't speak or read Russian or Ukrainian. If I go to Kiev, this time I'm taking a phone with off-line translation and sat-nav.

When I went to Russia, in 2014, I found that it was so hard to navigate around, - I found full sex apartments very hard to actually find, due to language problems. In the Russian massage parlours, (Moscow and St Petersburg) after an oily rub-down,  the girls would straddle you, put your cock between their pussy lips and finish you like that - A VERY happy ending.- It could be great if done well, or very underwhelming if not.

 Is it a similar type of service in Kiev ? And are the girls "as per photos" on website i.e. really hot girls, or is it "Model Photos" on website, and average looking women in reality.
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Offline budgie smuggler

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Offline jonjo29

Great reports, TrickyD. Much appreciated.  Always wanted to try Kiev and your report is about the best I've read. Will start making plans for a visit there.

Offline TrickyD

Hey Budgie, what I found for hotel visits,was that the model looking girls in photos, were not available. However the ones that had model looking bodies, but face obscured, were available. Probably there is a grain of truth that they don't want people to recognise them doing escorting.
My experience meeting a young lady that used someone else's photo completely, but she was equally beautiful as the fake photo,
So my advice would be, if she looks like model and is full facial photo, treat it with the suspicion it deserves, however if the face is obscured, it doesn't mean she is ugly, at least that body may actually turn up.
Also if you can find ONE good one, treat her well and tap her for friends, because if she is beautiful, chances are she will know other beauties. It worked for me.

Offline budgie smuggler

Thanks for the tips, mate

Did you try any of the Massage places ?
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Hi all

Wow - what a great thread, and what a great forum!!! I'm so glad I found this website.  :yahoo:

I'll be in Kiev at the end of March, with my friend. I can speak some Russian (lived in Russia for a while - but even now, I am still learning it with a passion).

The entire PURPOSE of this trip is to go punting. Along with my friend, we rented a top apartment in front of Maidan Sq.  :cool: We are very excited about this but decided to research the reliability of the ladies properly - hence why I'm here.

Does anybody have new reviews/stories to share since the last post? That would be much appreciated! :hi:

TrickyD - these are great stories, thank you so much for taking your time.

The link you shared here (http://sexkiev.net/prostitutki/238941) is that the 9.5 you described? She looks good but I've actually seen better on some of these websites. Do you have any others you particularly liked, any numbers you wanna share? Understand if you don't want to! Thanks mate!

Offline Royd30

Have talked to trickyd about joint visit to kiev and this may well be on the cards so I guess we are both waiting to have your report also and for you to share your escapades with us....I hoped you enjoyed yourself....

Offline TrickyD

Still on the cards. Yeah come on someone else must have visited Kiev by now, let's have some feedback, it's fair to share!

Offline Varn2015

Blimey TrickyD great thread.
Would love to join you in September, but I am currently exploring options to head across 4-7 July.
Mainly because I am not very patient.  Already checked flights, apartment (because of your advice) and airport parking.  Just need to learn a little bit of Russian or Ukrainian  :unknown:

Off to Cologne in a few weeks - great place itself (Samya & Mondial) but Kiev would be an interesting place to punt and explore.

Cheers dude - review to follow if I survive contact   :wacko:


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