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Author Topic: Myaa Leeds / Hudds / Hull  (Read 564 times)

Offline Gravitas


Hi all,

New member and wanted some first hand experience if possible of the above lady? She seems to move about it judging from her AW profile and has good feedback but I was hoping their maybe a review(s) available to confirm?


1 review(s) found for Myaa_xxx linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline p3ngu1n

If you search here via her aw profile number = 1225354, you'll find a few hits.

By the way, seen her myself. She's a top lass. If you're an ass man, you're in for a treat :thumbsup:

Offline macready

She's AMAZING mate :-)

Definitely my top punt to date in West Yorks, by a mile.

Tits, booty, pretty, intelligent, personality, broad minded ... the list goes on :-)

I did a review on AW for her as Boogienights72

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