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Author Topic: Two visits to Central Massage  (Read 1198 times)

Hi all,

I've not punted in Bristol before but I was staying for new year with friends...and of course fancied seeing some girls! As I couldn't predict exactly when I'd be available, the parlours (despite the bad reviews here) were my only choice for a short notice time with a girl.

Having walked past both Central and A&E a couple of times - and compared prices, reviews etc - on Tuesday night I went to Central Massage. I was allowed in by a dark skinned girl and asked if I wanted to see all the girls...I did, so a parade of 6 girls appeared. I chose a dark haired, slim (size 8-10) girl who turned out to use the name Jessica and sounded eastern European. In the room, I stripped off and waited; she took what felt like ten minutes to reappear. We started with a short massage with me face down (nice enough) then turned over for a short hand job and OW...she made it clear no touching was allowed. So far, so good, but from that point Jessica was in something of a hurry. As soon as I was hard (which is quick - no problems there!!), she laid back and told me to fuck her in no uncertain terms. She has a lovely pussy - great lips - and felt very good round my cock, and I built towards my cum easily...too easily. I slowed down to hold off but Jessica took exception to this...she clearly wanted me to cum quickly, which I soon did. So a good body and pussy, but keen to get you in and out as quickly as possible.

Despite being less than impressed with Jessica, I returned the following night. Despite having said she wouldn't be in work, Jessica rushed in the front door just ahead of me...more on that in a moment. Another line up, I chose a curvier (size 12-14) bleached blonde girl whose name I never got. She popped me in the room, I stripped off and waited on the bed...then Jessica comes in! She apologises, strips off and gets in the shower giving me a nice view and explaining she was working unexpectedly. My girl comes back in and strips, Jessica sorts herself out and leaves.

So...short massage, hand job and OWO, and happier to let me rub her body and open up her legs to see her pussy - very nice! She was genuinely friendly and sexual, happy for touching and face/neck kissing. When she laid back for me to fuck her, her pussy lips had opened slightly and she looked nicely moist. She felt amazing as I fucked her, and she happily lifted and adjusted her legs for me, and pushed her hips back against me. I don't know how much pleasure she was really getting but she moved in a way that really turned me on, just as though she was enjoying it too. She also held me with both arms, moving her hands from my back to my arse and back again. I had an excellent cum in her, and she gripped me tightly with her pussy muscles. She didn't push me off when I finished...she let me take my time and it made it a really nice session.

So...one great, one not so great session...I'd go back but make sure I'm choosy about the girl I have.


Offline tommyw66

That pretty much matches my own experience of Central Massage. I know these places get a bad press, but if you're into the whole parlour experience (as I am), i.e. you want to be able to walk in off the street, choose a girl from a line up (or walk out if one takes your fancy) and if you're happy with no kissing and covered blow jobs, then Central is pretty good value for money.

My last two visits I went with black british girls, both of who were very friendly and  provided a thoroughly good service. Prior to that I'd had a totally rubbish experience with a polish girl, so yes, it can be crap too. If you're used to OWO and deep french kissing from an independent girl, then no doubt you'd find the place a disappointment. But as parlours go, I'd say it's pretty good.

Offline tommyw66

sorry - that should read "and walk out if no one takes your fancy"

(where's the edit button when you need one!

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