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Author Topic: Hi new here  (Read 1434 times)

That's Mr. Pedantic, >sir<, please ;-)

Yeah, but I bet your browser underlines bad uns in red just like mine ;-)

I may get tired of waiting for a freebie.  PM me with your web address or AW nookie name so I may consider an early opportunity.

I like girls that wear glasses...


Offline Lurtz

Don't know what she's do if we both spotted the same spelling mistake, Lurtz
A gleesome threesome!

Offline Lupanaria

I'm having big love for that 'pen holder' pic you've got yourself on the left there.  :P
Patience Sir, patience. It's no freebie, but more of a bargain!
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I do some life casting from time to time and you have given me a GREAT idea ;-) Thanks!

Usually I have pictures of my recently sampled DNA... it's just a guy thing.

New avatar later today, probably.


Offline Lupanaria

Do them soon, fannytastic pen holders by the phone, would sell at Erotica Show, 20th Nov is it?

I'm there on the 19th... hmmmm I have a friend with a pitch there.  Too late to be on the Guild of Erotic Artists pitch (I'm a member)

Thanks again.  We're working well together!


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