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Author Topic: Cheapest things on a budget and where?  (Read 985 times)

Looking to enter the maximum thrift. Anything from BJ to massages to straight up sex, where do you find the cheapest stuff in North London.

Even the cheapest 15 min quickies

The cheapest 15 minute quickies I have come across are in ilford/seven kings in east London as low as 25 quid and no higher than 30 quid. Search viva street escorts in that area.


Not sure about North London but Soho walk-ups might win that one if you can get there on the Northern Line to Tottenham Court Road. Try 70a Berwick Street maybe.

Why not sort by price on AW it sorts it in price order then !

Offline drwho

I'd say

1. Soho walk ups (from £22 for 10 mins)

2. I've a AW hotlist at £40/30 mins. Have gone to see Xena a couple of times and good VFM:
The rest of the £40 hotlist is untested (and fairly uninspiring) but can pass on if interested (a AW search will produce similar results anyway)

3. Budget parties: LAPC £60 for 3 hours, LSAP £100 for 4 hours
While these may tip you over budget slightly the longer duration and extra action (hopefully) while you're there might keep you going slightly longer until the next urge to punt.

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