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Author Topic: Julia - Bair Street Sauna - Edinburgh  (Read 855 times)

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Decide to treat myself to a wee pre-new-year punt and, as options were limited due to the holidays, I settled on Julia, based on the recent good reviews.

I hadn't ventured near a sauna for years so wasn't sure if anything might have changed in the intervening period. It appears not. The girls still sit around looking miserable as sin, and the rooms are still as tacky as ever; still, they serve the intended purpose.

Went downstairs with Julia, who matched the description in earlier reports pretty well, although I hadn't picked up on how young she looks (I prefer slightly more mature girls). She returned to the rooms after the obligatory (and pointless) initial departure, and quickly got her kit off; no hint at any attempt ot be seductive, just a quick disrobing. Some light kissing, with a really annoying lip-sucking technique, nothing approaching real DFK. She has nice tits and I was enjoying them quite  a bit but after only maybe a minute she broke away and started giving me OWO. Weirdly, I could feel very little; I think her technique was so gentle it didn't actually have much effect. I gave it a couple of minutes and then pulled her up and plonked her pussy on my face. Once again, I was just getting into it (despite the fact that she was a bit bristly it was still very nice) when she pulled away again and reached for a condom. I stopped her and asked her to give my balls some attention but her response was "I don't suck balls, only cock". Eh?? So, on with the condom and she got on top. it was all going nicely but, after maybe 2 minutes she jumped off and "asked" if I wanted to change position. Well, no, I had been quite happy where I was thanks! Anyway, I did her in doggy for maybe 20 or 30 thrusts and again she was off and now lying on her back waiting for me to enter. Again, after hardly any time at all she was asking if I wanted to come on her tits. I said no thanks and I'd rather just keep going where I was, but she was clearly not pleased and kept pulling away. Eventually I gave up and wanked myself off over her tits.

I recon we were all done in about 15 minutes which, I can only conclude was her main objective for the whole session. The rest of the time was taken up with a shower before and one after, and some, admittedly pleasant, chat.

Julia is a very nice girl to talk to, she is very pretty, happy, and seems intelligent, but if those were the things I was after I wouldn't have had to pay 70 quid to enjoy them for half an hour.

I guess I've been spoiled by seeing so many good independents that the mechanical sauna system, with girls who just go through the motions 20 times a day and don't listen to what the punter wants,  just isn't for me any more. I won't be back.

All the being nice, happy and friendly shite is to  dull any thought you may have about complaining about the service,  you just end up returning the friendly shite and leaving without saying a word about getting half what you bargained for.

Offline JazzMan

There have been mixed reviews about Julia recently.
She's pretty and has a fantastic body.
It's the first time I've heard of a girl being criticised for being young and beautiful.
".. because (I prefer slightly more mature girls)"
Sometimes the girls just can't win.

Banning reason: Slagging off membership

It's the first time I've heard of a girl being criticised for being young and beautiful.
".. because (I prefer slightly more mature girls)"
Sometimes the girls just can't win.

Strange that you think I 'criticized' her for being young and beautiful. I didn't, i merely stated my personal preference for slightly older girls. I'm a bit of an old git myself and sometimes being with a very young girl doesn't feel comfortable. I'm sure those with a preference for teenagers will find her right up their street.

Offline auldie63

Ain't been to a sauna in a long long time but are you saying that your shower time comes out of the time you have with the girl? Seem to remember that you had a shower before going to the room and after you could have another one, in fact in some of them they never rushed you out, you could often sit and have a coffee etc. which often lead to a go with another girl.

Offline JazzMan

You can have a shower ect before going into the room.
You can choose to have a shower in the room. That will be your room time you're using up.

Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Offline Ali

I mentioned under another post that I stopped visiting Julia since her service has deteriorated badly and she was cutting me short by taking a shower after 35 minutes in a 45 minute booking, she did that to me twice and I never went back to her again, I used to be a Julia fan, so far as her look and body go she is very much my type, but she needs to get her attitude and service sorted and stop taking a shower with ten minutes of the booking remaining.

Offline Hawdit

Sad to see a beautiful girl's service drop off and become cynical, inevitable I suppose, probably won't revisit her on my return, shame she was such a good example of a great sauna girl, happy, super hot and great service. :-(
Banning reason: White-knight twat making false allegations against membership

always fancied having her, but never got round to it until last week, if I had read this
I probably wouldn't have. But I'm glad I didn't, this girl was fantastic  :dance:

Very passionate encounter , lots of dfk, fantastic owo (no cim) sex in various positions and finished with cob all over her tits.

It's easy to post a negative post about a girl and people won't book her , but when you look at other reviews of her most are positive  :rolleyes:

My advice is if you haven't seen her I would , definitely will be back to see her again

It's easy to post a negative post about a girl and people won't book her , but when you look at other reviews of her most are positive  :rolleyes:

It's no 'easier' to post a negative review than a positive one. I review based on my personal experience. Maybe you just have lower standards than I do  :lol:

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