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Author Topic: blondegirl24  (Read 739 times)

https://www.adultwork.com/2427478 or https://www.adultwork.com/blondegirl24

Looking for anyone who has met with her.

She is very local to me and seems to offer some things I'd be interested in.

Communication seems a bit sporadic but she does reply.

Seems to try and hike the price depending on every small detail I ask about though.

Any thoughts or feedback? Can't find any reviews on here.


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Offline daveev

looks like its wank only no fucking

There used to be a lot of negative feedback on Donkey Work a couple of years back. I believe she over charges , a shit hole of a place she works from and will only give a wank.

I was thinking about visiting her and made contact via AW.  She was quick to respond initially, asked me to call her at a certain time to talk about details but then was unreachable via phone, text or AW.  I had a better alternative option and I can't be bothered with bad comms so I cancelled via text and email - this was the day before.  I then got a pissed-off text asking me where I was at the original time we'd first discussed.  :unknown:

I wouldn't bother but I am curious if she gives good HJ if that's all she does!

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