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    Author Topic: Signs/tips for massages with more on offer ....  (Read 355 times)

    I went for a massage to a place that I have never been to before. I don't usually ask for HE upfront, unless I have been there before and know it's on offer. I guess thats a part of it for me, the wondering etc

    As I was lying there on my front, I was wonder about methods and ways to detect or hint that more is on offer. Of course "accidental" balls touching etc is obvious.

    But I was thinking more the things like; when your on your front,  putting your arms above your head and hold onto the top of the bed then see if she rubs into your hands when leaning over to do the back massage.
    Other things like letting out a sigh or "thats a good place" when they do the "ball-brush"

    Also, a few times, after being asked to turn over, I have put my hand slightly on my nob and asked "is that ok?" (with a grin) . I have had 99% success rate with this method, at the old No1 location, a girl took my hand off and took over but didnt ask for extras.
    The 1% failure was when I was in another country, I did the gradual DIY hint and she said "do you want me to do that?" she wanted the equiv of £35 , which is steep for standard HE. I replied with a "hmmmm" and said "if you say no, I will walk out of this massage room right now" haha. Was a good threat, I paid the £35 ffs
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