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Author Topic: AdultWork Videos Not Playing  (Read 430 times)

Anyone else had any issues playing AW vidos lately.  Bought two but I just get the silverlight player start and then nothing else.  I did get refunded both times but a bit annoying.

They are old vids so maybe that is the problem

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Yes, I've had older videos fail on me recently (last few days). They were free ones, so no big problem about getting refunds.

If I understood these things, which I don't even in the slightest,  I would say something to do with a video codec getting removed during a recent system or software patch or upgrade. Some codecs get used without the proper licences being put in place, so have to be removed again. Hence not being able to decode the video and/or audio stream(s) in the file.......err, at least one of those clever computer expert type chaps at Currys told me when I went in to ask why my vintage grumble flicks wouldn't work anymore..... :lol:

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