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Author Topic: Moorish Melissa  (Read 1392 times)

Hi Guys, Happy new year to all! Im relatively new on here and fancy having a bash at this girl who is on tour here in Cardiff next week. Has anybody kindly got any feedback please?

Online Corus Boy

A link to a profile might help.

Also if you post here AW profile address and posts or reviews containing it will be linked to your thread.

However some of us are sceptical souls and when a new poster arrives either recommending, knocking or with vague questions about an otherwise unknown girl it raises a suspicion that said punter might have ulterior motives.
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Offline mr big

ive looked at this one a few times she is based in Cardiff not a  touring girl shes down the bay for a few days doing duos with jessica

Offline MikeBWales

I contacted her a few weeks ago, communications were fine until I found out that she pretty much charges extras for everything.  Said to her that it might be helpful to state that on her profile so punters knew where they stood and knew how much they expected to pay for which I see she has done.  I'd clarify exactly what you want to do with her and how much more it will cost and with a starting price of £70 for half an hour, I expect you'll be paying three figures for a half hour service.

There are a few profiles of Cardiff girls who are either parlour girls or recently ex-parlour girls, so pretty much everything is extra.

MM is one of these.

That's not to say you won't get a decent punt, however make sure beforehand you know exactly what's included in the price.


Many thanks for the info Guys, much appreciated!...Im an admirer of a little bit of the fuller figure and that's what attracted me to her,  I'll keep you posted if I go ahead with it.

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