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Author Topic: Getting the new year off with a bang !!!  (Read 836 times)

Offline Nipper2

What with my trip to Manchester to watch the football falling through, I thought I'd get the new year off with a bang and make an early start in ticking things off my wish list.... Top of this is sampling Nicky & Carla in HNDF. As both are currently on holiday, I thought I'd take 2nd on my wish list and sample A levels!!!!
I've narrowed my choices down to 2 potential candidates:-

www.adultwork.com/2682929 or https://www.adultwork.com/bustybobby+

www.adultwork.com/2883148 or https://www.adultwork.com/jessybee

Any advice or suggestions? Either about the WG's or about my first experience of anal ??  :hi:

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Offline Corus Boy

I enjoyed my time with JessyB, I didn't sample her arse but in all other respects she's a good punt.

Offline mashit1

Never seen Bobby , there is a load of good reviews about Jess B on here, I think I just seen her on a bad day, but may go back and have a second go to see if my 1 st experience was just bad luck. Have made my first booking of the new year with Francesca Fox . Will leave my first review for her after the punt 👍

Offline jtfm

Jessy was first class when I seen her, think I'll have a sniff around Bobbi though.
Banning reason: Accusing other members of being pedos

Offline HughJardon

Ive also seen Jessy Bee, seems like ages ago when she resided in Newport.

That Bobbi looks filth, would love to know more about her

Offline Nipper2

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control & WG's being fully booked, I didn't manage to cross item 2 off my to do list 😟

I did however manage a cheeky punt with this Asian lady.......

www.adultwork.com/1146203 or https://www.adultwork.com/JENNY+IN+SWANSEA

Review to follow 👍🏼

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Bobbi got a lovely set of norks, but got to get my jabs up to date before i venture into jack land  :drinks:
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